The Importance of Having an Employee Handbook
The Importance of Having an Employee Handbook
May 31, 2021
Accident Review Procedures
INFOGRAPHIC: Accident Review Procedures
June 21, 2021

Tips for Top-Notch Customer Service

Clients are the lifeblood of your business, yet customer service can be the toughest part to get right. A customer-centric approach can return huge dividends, whereas poor customer service can tank your reputation.

Although the customer isn’t always right, portable restroom operators who listen and respond to clients can win over even the most difficult clients. Learn how to take your service from satisfactory to exceptional with a few steps.

Help Field Employees Communicate Better

Many of your team members are used to handling their business in the field but less familiar with communicating with customers. Yet, they’re often the only faces your clients see. The best service technicians anticipate customer needs, document potential problems, and know when to ask for help.

Moreover, they don’t just fix a problem. Instead, those techs take steps to resolve the root problem and prevent a recurrence. Support and improve your team members’ soft skills by:

  • Giving them enough details about customers and locations, such as noting previous complaints or customer preferences
  • Running through various scenarios via role-playing to help service technicians work on their body language and communication skills
  • Providing clear instructions for elevating complaints and getting assistance for situations above their pay grade

Turn Good Customers Into Loyal Ones

We all have those great clients — the ones who never complain, pay on time, and come back again and again. Since they’re happy, you may not check in with them as often as you should, which is a missed opportunity. After all, customer service is about more than handling complaints. It’s about improving and nurturing existing relationships.

Connect with current customers to ask about their latest experience with a team member, follow up after an event, and encourage them to offer feedback. Regular conversations can help you turn a good customer into a loyal one. And loyal customers leave reviews, provide testimonials for your website, and refer their friends.

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Let Customers Control Their Experiences

Traditionally, portable restroom operators handle customer service issues in person or over the phone. But times have changed, and clients expect support through multiple channels, and convenience is a huge factor in providing top-notch customer experiences.

Start on the right foot by asking your clients to note their preferred method of communication, whether that’s via text message, phone, or email. Then, make sure it’s noted on their account, so office and field staff are aware. Next, look for ways to build convenience and customer satisfaction into every step of renting from your company. Consider:

  • Offering multiple invoicing and payment options
  • Providing content to help them get the most from their rental experience
  • Allowing online restroom reservations or extra services scheduling
  • Supporting digital contracts and electronic signatures

Deliver on Customer Expectations

Today’s customers have high expectations, and meeting their needs can help your portable restroom business stand out from the competition. But don’t wait for a complaint to respond. Instead, regularly communicate with all customers, ask for feedback, and encourage all team members to improve their customer service skills.

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