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How to Deal with a Negative Online Reputation

The internet has opened up a portal for users to Google, Yahoo and Bing search nearly every business in any location, find operating hours, read business descriptions or reviews and assess whether or not a business meets their needs as a potential client or consumer.

During this age of information, businesses can be helped or hindered by online platforms like Yelp or Angie’s List, which are designed solely to post reviews for a business as the customer has experienced it. Although transparency is beneficial, one bad review will often plague a business and follow it to the grave.

Whether you have a few bad online reviews or an overall negative online reputation from a previous owner, here are some steps you can take in order to rectify, reduce or eliminate the bad review specifically in the portable restroom rental industry.

1. Investigate the Source and Stay Professional When Responding

Many businesses in the portable restroom rental industry are family-run, and if you are inheriting a business from a family member who has left a negative online reputation in the eyes of former clients, be thorough in investigating the core issue(s) behind the poor review and respond accordingly. If poor reviews are left on social media platforms or on websites like Yelp, send a quick, professional response to the review so other visitors can see your business is willing to rectify the situation in a timely manner.

In some cases, a bad review or a series of bad reviews might come from a competitor in the industry. Investigate the source and contact customer service at the website and let them know the review is false. If the customer service representative finds this to be true, often times they will review and refute the comment by taking it down.

2. Mitigate the Exposure When Possible

If you have started your own portable restroom rental business and have a poor review from a new client or business, mitigate the exposure as soon as possible. Respond to the complaint on the platform they have chosen and then contact the person individually. There could be a miscommunication or misunderstanding within the context of the complaint.

If the complaint is with a driver, customer service representative or another employee within the company, sit down and get their side of the story as well. Was the driver having a bad day? Did the customer service representative talk to two different people who gave him or her two different numbers for unit orders? Do your best not to fuel the fire and avoid unnecessary confrontation whenever possible. This kind of learning experience can be greatly beneficial to your company.

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3. Consider Rebranding if the Business was Not Started by You

In extreme cases, you might find yourself the proud new owner of a portable restroom rental business with a negative online reputation. Sadly, before you purchased, inherited or were promoted to the title owner and operator, someone else had the business running. In a worst-case scenario situation, you might consider rebranding the business, starting over and even renaming the business.

Remember, this is a big step that is both time-consuming and expensive. Make sure this is the absolute right choice for your business.

4. Stress the Business’s Dedication to Customer Service

Whether you are a new business owner or have inherited a portable restroom rental business, state everywhere and anywhere that customer service is incredibly important. Most people don’t appreciate high-quality customer service until they have to use it, so follow up on your claim! Talk internally about cutting down wait times on the phone, speak with drivers on how to approach event planners or construction companies with a great attitude and always consider the customer’s needs first.


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