Is It Time to Embrace Online Pricing and Ordering?

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July 1, 2019
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Is It Time to Embrace Online Pricing and Ordering?

Even the portable restroom industry isn’t immune from the impact of Amazon. During a time of instant-everything, portable restroom operators find that offering online pricing and ordering is a way to meet their customers’ desires for convenience, control, and transparency.

However, the benefits also extend to business owners by providing qualified leads and improving efficiency. For PROs to stay competitive, it’s crucial to adapt to the buying habits of both private and corporate clients.

Why Customers Love Online Pricing

Although your customers use their cell phones to research your services, they don’t want the hassle of a phone call to find necessary information. Online pricing provides the convenience and transparency that customers crave.

Transparency. If prospective customers can’t find the information they need online, they wonder if the company has something to hide. Online pricing eliminates their apprehension and helps them trust your company.

Convenience. Time-strapped customers want an easy way to compare services. They plan events using their cell phone and often tackle their research after hours. Online pricing demonstrates that you value their time.

Why PROs Appreciate Online Pricing

The bottom line is that online pricing saves portable restroom operators time and increases their revenue. From current customers to new leads, putting your price list online helps you streamline your operations. For example, accurate and accessible information shortens the sales cycle and improves the quality of your conversations with customers.

  • Instead of answering generic questions about the costs of your rentals, you’ll receive phone calls from people who’ve looked at your prices and are ready to purchase.
  • Rather than repeating your list of fees to current customers, you can refer them to your online pricing and fee schedule.

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Online Ordering Benefits Customers and PROs

Online ordering improves customer experience and makes back-office operations easier. It allows you to broaden your sales reach while simultaneously giving you more time to focus on service and quality.

When a busy customer is ready to purchase, online ordering puts that part of the buying process into their hands. This helps those who may order and pay for services from different time zones or who are unavailable during business hours. As a PRO, online ordering eliminates some or all of the need for time spent on the phone along with the risk of inaccuracies during data entry. Plus, it allows you to secure payment immediately.

  • Digital purchases capture customer data, like contact information and special instructions.
  • It creates digital proof of the customer’s agreement to your contract and servicing requirements.
  • The online ordering process can integrate with back-office systems for additional time savings.

Although a porta-potty doesn’t instantly come to mind when we think of digital purchases, today’s customers want both the convenience and also the control over how and when they buy. By providing consumers with handy options for accessing pricing information and ordering online, you’ll improve their experience. Plus, as a PRO, you’ll have more time to dedicate to defining your business as the best in the area with quality service and customer care.

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