The Importance of Performance Reviews & How to Conduct Them
The Importance of Performance Reviews & How to Conduct Them
August 2, 2021
Key Components of a Performance Review
INFOGRAPHIC: Key Components of a Performance Review
August 23, 2021

Questions to Ask When Dealing with Customers

Communication plays a big role in your portable restroom company’s success. However, juggling customer phone calls or on-the-spot conversations isn’t easy. Forget to ask the right questions, and you could be stuck playing phone tag to get answers.

Plus, many people within your company could field customer questions — yourself, office staff or drivers. Simple scripts or templates help everyone stay on the same page. Use this guide to ensure you get all the necessary details during the first conversation.

Questions to Ask in All Circumstances

First off, regardless of the situation or who takes the call, it’s vital to get contact and payment information (if not already on file). Start by noting the time, date, and caller ID information. Next, ask whom you’re speaking with and ask for their job title and contact details. This way, if the call drops mid-sentence, you’re able to quickly reach back out.

Then, determine if the call is about an existing account or a new one. Get the name of a contact person at the site and for billing, along with their preferred communication method. Lastly, confirm payment details. Does the customer need a purchase order or invoice? Are they in your system, or will paperwork need to be completed?

What to Ask for a Customer Placing an Order

After getting contact details, jump into the nitty-gritty. What do they want, and when do they need it? If they’re unsure, request information about the event or job type. Do they need a specific delivery time when the contact person is there to sign off? Or, is there more flexibility? You may also need to clarify the equipment delivery location, such as the project name, tract, or lot number.

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What to Ask When a Customer Calls About Equipment

If a client needs equipment picked up, note their requested date and if they need a specific time. Get a list of the items to remove and if any temporary power sources involve meter or hand removal. Finally, inquire if there’s other equipment at the site.

What to Ask a Customer Calling About Service

Additional details may be needed for service calls. After determining the contact person and location, ask the following questions:

  • Is this a new or add-on service? If so, is it the result of something like a tip-over, vandalism, or overuse? Refer to your list of extra charges and ask any questions relating to the incident.
  • Is this a one-time or recurring request? Do they want this service regularly, or is this a one-off request due to special circumstances?
  • Are the equipment and location accessible at any time, or does the contact person need to be there to open the gate or sign off?
  • If it’s a cesspool or septic tank job, ask about its location and if it’s uncovered. Is it accessible by truck via a driveaway with a turnaround or a road? If so, is it within 90 feet or over 200 feet? Lastly, is it on level ground, or will you need permission from other property owners?

Customer Conversations: Get It Right the First Time

Asking the right questions on the first call saves both you and customers time, improving customer experiences and business efficiencies. Good habits help avoid miscommunication and document conversations. In addition, it never hurts to follow up with an email stating their answers and giving them a chance to clarify any instructions.

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