INFOGRAPHIC: Key Components of a Performance Review

Questions to Ask When Dealing with Customers
Questions to Ask When Dealing with Customers
August 16, 2021
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Fallout from Hurricane Ida: Effects on the Portable Restroom Industry
September 7, 2021

Every business should conduct regular employee performance reviews— annually, if not quarterly. When completed correctly, they can drive employees to be more well-rounded workers and, as a result, improve your overall business operations.

The performance review format will vary from company to company. However, certain discussion points are likely to come up regardless. In our infographic below, we break down the key components of a performance review to help PROs like you formulate or revise a document and system that will make a positive impact for all parties.

Key Components of a Performance Review

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Key Components of a Performance Review

Required Components of a Performance Review

  • Employee Information (Name, Job Title/Position)
  • Reviewer Information (Name, Job Title/Position)
  • Date of Performance Review
  • Period of Performance Review
  • Performance Review Instructions & Explanation of Evaluation Criteria
  • Rating/Grading System (Points, Letter Grades, Stars, etc.)
  • General Feedback (From Both the Employee & the Reviewer)
  • Goals & Opportunities for Next Review

Recommended Components of a Performance Review

  • Quality of Work
    • Completes jobs to customer satisfaction
    • Completes jobs to company standards
    • Completes paperwork completely & accurately
  • Productivity Level
    • Completes work within an acceptable timeframe
    • Minimizes overtime when possible
    • Completes tasks without extra follow-up required
  • Job Knowledge
    • Possesses practical & technical knowledge to complete tasks
  • Attendance
    • Reports to work on time
    • Minimizes absences
  • Policy/Safety Compliance
    • Follows all safety & conduct rules
    • Complies with company policies
    • Maintains company property/equipment in proper condition
  • Attitude
    • Performs tasks willingly
    • Works well with other employees
    • Responds to suggestions/corrections constructively
    • Maintains a positive attitude

Dos & Don’ts of a Performance Review

  • Have a professional, biased-free, open conversation
  • Allow the employee to voice their feedback & ask questions
  • Provide specific (and documented, if available) examples
  • Rush through just to get it done
  • Be excessively critical or negative
  • Make anything personal

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