Ways to Compete in the 21st Century Business World

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What to Do If Another Company Offers to Buy Your Business
September 23, 2019
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October 7, 2019
Ways to Compete in the 21st Century Business World

The first step to being competitive in today’s market is having a strong online presence. People immediately go to Google to search for everything from restaurants to handymen to portable restrooms, so when someone in your service area types in ‘porta-potties near me,’ you want to make sure your business shows up.

How Do I Do This?

Here are some great ways to boost your online presence:

  • Have an eye-catching website and make sure it’s up to date. If you need to pay a professional to make it look classy, it’s a worthy investment. Check out our tips for a great website.
  • Become an active social media user. Some old-school business owners roll their eyes at Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but give it a shot. Many people who resist the idea at first soon realize just how useful it is in publicizing their companies. It’s free and, who knows, you might even enjoy it. Find out more about boosting your social media game here.
  • Discover Google tools. Paying for Google Ads bumps your company up the list of Google search results, getting on Google Maps helps customers find your contact info and where you’re located, while Google Analytics allows you to find out what people are reading on your website.
  • YouTube. A lot of small business owners have taken to YouTube to create awareness about their company. Putting up short clips is a great way to get attention. You can make them fun, informational, or both. Teaching people little tricks of the trade is a great way to show off your expertise while simultaneously getting your name out there.

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What Else Can I Do?

Once you’ve established your online presence, there are plenty of other ways to compete in today’s business world. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Online ordering and pricing. Use your new website to offer customers the option of ordering and getting quotes online. Customers will trust you more if you’re transparent, and studies show people are more likely to go with a business that allows online ordering and pricing over one that requires a phone call or email, even if it means they pay slightly more. For more on this, check out our article here.
  • Attend tradeshows. Being out in the real world helps too! Click here for the benefits of attending tradeshows.
  • Offer discounts. Discounts can work to bring in new customers, but be careful as they can also backfire. If you’re wondering whether or not to offer discounts, see our article here.

There are numerous other great ways to market your business and get ahead of the competition. The bottom line is this: Boost your company’s online presence and then put in some good, old-fashioned work. Be outgoing, approachable, inventive, and professional, and you should be able to stand up with the best of them.

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