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December 10, 2018
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December 17, 2018
Does It Make Sense to Offer Discounts

As a society, discounts are so common that we rarely expect to pay full price for anything. From advertisements for buy-one-get-one sales to markdowns on products across the board, consumers expect and often demand the lowest price.

As a portable restroom operator, it’s easy to feel pressured into offering discounts. However, your business does more than rent out equipment. You provide a service that requires human resources. It’s your expertise that provides a smooth, hassle-free process whether it’s for a family wedding or a corporate event. People want value. Demonstrate your portable restroom company’s worth, and, in most cases, you won’t need to discount. However, don’t completely disregard discounts, as there are certain situations where it is beneficial to utilize them.

Know Your Market and Understand Your Customers

A portable restroom operator’s cost of doing business rarely decreases, which is why offering discounts can hurt your bottom line. Stay on top of your local market conditions and the pain points of your customers. Doing so allows you to tailor your response accordingly. When asked for a price break, word your comeback carefully. Explain value and avoid putting your customer on the defensive.

Individual customers. Portable restroom rentals are often last on their list of concerns, which is frustrating because portable sanitation is essential for events. When faced with a request for a discount, turn the focus to quality. By offering customer testimonials and real-life examples of how your portable restroom service saved the day, you’ll emphasize the value of renting from your company. Without saying so, you’ll suggest that lowering the price results in less overall satisfaction and you, as a PRO, want their guests to be impressed with the best.

Corporate clients. Be prepared when a business requests a discount by knowing more about the person you’re talking to and who is making the decision. Some companies go with the lowest bidder regardless of the consequences. You won’t win these folks over. However, others need to demonstrate the value of your portable restroom business to the executives. Give them the tools they need by being equipped with transparent numbers and key phrases differentiating your portable restroom services from the competition.

Stay Aware of Your Competition

Don’t be caught off-guard by a prospective customer throwing out figures from a competitor’s marketing materials. Know what deals your competition offer and how they offer them. Take a look at any recent pricing adjustments and specials. Pay particular attention to the wording and the fine print. Often, you’ll find that the deal isn’t such a great deal. When asked for a discount, you’ll be ready with a response. PROs gain credibility and boost their reputation by demonstrating how their pricing structure leads to value and quality services, which sets them apart from their competition.

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Use Discounts Cautiously

Portable restroom operators who stay aware of their market, customers’ pain points, and competition can occasionally discount a service without hurting their business revenue. However, lowering your prices shouldn’t be a common occurrence. You may reserve this for corporate clients with contracted work and provisions for future increases. Or, entice a long-term customer with an upgrade or additional product. The key is knowing who you’re talking to and why they’re requesting a price break. Use this knowledge to determine your next actions and words. Quality service provides real value. Listen to your customer’s demands for a discount, then illustrate your company’s worth.


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