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Pulse of the PROs: How Do You Manage Inventory Control and Tracking?
November 2, 2021
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November 15, 2021

Luxury Trailer Rentals An Investment That Can Pay Off Big

When temperatures are anything else than moderate, luxury restroom trailers are appealing — air-conditioned in the summer and heated for those cool seasonal nights. A luxury trailer is a perfect touch for an outdoor wedding or festival. They also complement exterior overflow spaces, especially as more event venues promote outdoor spaces.

But luxury trailers aren’t only a customer favorite; they’re a big revenue item for portable sanitation companies. They can differentiate your portable restroom company from others in your area. Use this article as your guide to break into the luxury trailer market.

Consider Your Local Luxury Trailer Market

Restroom trailers vary greatly in appearance and amenities, with low-end versions offering the basics and luxury models delivering the “wow” factor. Before investing, think about the types of events in your area, and reach out to corporate or government clients to gauge their interest. Ensure a return on your investment (ROI) by considering how luxury trailers fit into your business model.

Luxury trailers are often used at:

  • Festivals and concerts
  • Event VIP areas
  • Drive-in theaters
  • Campgrounds
  • Food truck events
  • Construction sites
  • Disaster zones
  • Farmers markets

New vs. Used: How to Decide

Selecting the right trailer for your needs is challenging. A new unit often comes with a warranty for up to five years and doesn’t require additional effort to spruce it up, making it an excellent choice for PROs wanting a turnkey option. However, the initial investment can be off-putting. In comparison, pre-owned trailers won’t have a warranty and may require some fixing up. On the other hand, a used trailer has a lower price tag and is great for breaking into the market.

Take a look at new models offered by JAG, Ameri-Can, Rich Restrooms, NuConcepts, Comforts of Home, A Restroom Trailer, Explorer, and Portable Restroom Trailers. The vendor’s sales reps can discuss the amenities and costs of a new trailer while also providing insights about what to expect when buying one of their models used.

Luxury Restroom Trailer Amenities: Find the Right Balance

While a Bluetooth stereo system may be overkill for construction sites or campgrounds, they’re quickly becoming a must-have feature for luxury restroom trailers at weddings and high-end events. Nearly every aspect of a luxury trailer is customizable, from light fixtures to flooring. On the other hand, you can’t change the overall size. So, if you’re looking for ADA-compliant models or need a trailer your truck can legally haul, be sure to check the dimensions and weight.

In-demand luxury trailer features include:

  • Hot water
  • Premium lighting
  • Showers
  • Device charging stations
  • Stereo system
  • Baby changing station
  • Multiple outlets
  • Exterior lighting for stairs
  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • Premium countertops and floors

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Plan for a Quick Return on Your Investment

A luxury trailer shouldn’t take years to pay off. Instead, decide on your target market before purchasing a restroom trailer. Research their biggest pain points when planning an event or securing restrooms for public spaces. Develop marketing materials that speak to decision-makers in each industry you serve. Your brochure, website landing page, and promotional emails should look and sound different, depending on your target market.

Increase the appeal of your trailers by emphasizing key characteristics such as:

  • Safety: Keep your event accident-free with well-lit stairs and non-tippable toilets.
  • Sanitary: Prevent crowded indoor spaces with well-ventilated overflow restrooms.
  • Spacious: Ensure guests can touch up their makeup or attend to their children.
  • The “wow” factor: Extend your event aesthetics with premium flooring, decor, and lighting.

Expand Your Business Using Luxury Trailers

Conduct market research, speak with trailer vendors and decide which amenities your customers need. From there, devise a plan to recoup your investment quickly and take advantage of all marketing channels to reach your target audience. With the right strategy, luxury trailer rentals can increase revenue and help your portable restroom business stand out from the competition.

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