Pulse of the PROs: How Do You Manage Inventory Control and Tracking?

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Pulse of the PROs How Do You Manage Inventory Control and Tracking

Having accurate stock numbers is essential when placing orders. Likewise, knowing the status of your assets is critical for scheduling service and deciding when to purchase new units. But, finding the right systems for your business size is challenging. As supply chain issues continue to affect portable restroom companies, we’re getting plenty of questions from PROs about managing inventory control and tracking.

And now, we’d like to hear from you. How do you track your inventory? Do you have advice on what works? Perhaps, you want to make a change, but something is holding you back. Check out the questions below and send your responses to info@johntalk.com. Or, message JohnTalk on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

How Do You Track Your Inventory?

There are many ways to track inventory, including manual methods and inventory software. One solution is to use quick response (QR) codes and a mobile-based scanner to update a spreadsheet or stock management program. It’s an option that doesn’t require tech skills but may not provide the real-time insights crucial to order planning.

Another option is to use an integrated inventory management system. It needs a bit more initial setup and training but can reduce costs and provide valuable insights required to forecast future needs. So, how do you track your inventory? Do you use QR codes? Or, standalone inventory software or another technology system with stock reporting features?

What Inventory Methods Have You Tried and Discarded?

Inventory problems — and their solutions — have been around since the beginning of time. Finding the right system is difficult. And what worked a few years ago may not suit your company now. Have you tried a method or service that didn’t work for you? If so, what was it, why did you ditch it, and what did you switch to?

What Type of Technology is Best for Field Use?

Often, a system that performs well in the office isn’t widely adopted (or fully appreciated) by your service teams. But, managing your inventory successfully requires their buy-in. Plus, the best tools for the field are durable and don’t require you to continually purchase or update your tools. Have you found an app or device that your team loves just as much as your office team does?

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If You Don’t Use Asset-Tracking Technology, What’s Stopping You?

Asset-tracking technology includes QR codes, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, and Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) sensors. It sends asset data to inventory or asset management software. Some PROs prefer to stick with what they know and hold off on incorporating technology into their business. They may feel the cost is prohibitive or worry about integrating the system into current workflows.

What’s holding you back from using asset-tracking technology? Is there anything that could help you take the next step?

What’s Your Top Challenge to Inventory Control?

We’d be hard-pressed to find a PRO who hasn’t faced inventory challenges. And, the last couple of years haven’t made it any easier. Inaccurate data and limited visibility are among the top concerns cited by PROs. Supply chain issues and inefficient processes also complicate matters. Is inventory control keeping you up at night? Or, eating up too much of your time? Drop us a line and let us know.

Share Your Feedback With JohnTalk

Inventory control and management contribute to your company’s success, and finding the right tools can be a matter of trial and error. Let us know what’s working for you. Get in touch via email at info@johntalk.com, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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