Understanding Licenses, Permits and Regulations
Understanding Licenses, Permits and Regulations
July 9, 2018
Understanding the Costs of Purchasing Units
Understanding the Costs of Purchasing Units
July 16, 2018
Increase the Appeal of Your Restroom Trailers

The Rolls Royces of the portable restroom industry, restroom trailers have so much to offer, yet clients are sometimes reluctant to go with them, often thinking that the cost is too high.

This is unfortunate, as the great benefits of restroom trailers can be overlooked for jobs for which they’d be perfectly suited. Yet, learning how to pitch these benefits to clients just might land you more demand for trailers.

Here are some of the amazing features you can sell to your clients about restroom trailers:

Keeping Up Appearances

Appearances are important in the portable restroom industry and, simply put, trailers have a higher appeal to the end user. They offer a high-end solution to an event’s sanitation needs, with often very classy interiors complete with fancy countertops and wooden floors. They can be jazzed up with pictures on the walls, candles, or other interior decorations. This customization is especially ideal for tailored events, like weddings, or corporate or other formal events where appearances really do matter, so be sure to make these clients aware of such benefits.

Cleanliness is Key

We say it time and again, but it’s true that cleanliness is the biggest deal-breaker in the industry. Promote your trailers as the cleanest option to your clients. Flushing toilets and ventilation keep the trailer fresh and free of stale or bad smells, while each trailer comes with a sink, paper towels (or maybe cloth towels depending on the event), vanity mirrors, and soap. Interior lights also mean that no one is going to the toilet in the dark!

Extra Features

This is a key selling point, as eventgoers are likely to be most impressed with restroom trailers’ extra amenities. Flushable toilets supply fresh water and keep things fresh, hot and cold water runs in the faucets, vents in the ceiling mean no build-up of bad odors, and lighted steps and interiors mean nobody slips or misses the target. The negative experiences of using a freezing cold unit in winter or an overheated one in summer are both eliminated also, as trailers come with AC and heating. Some trailers even have programmable stereo systems. Trailers really do give users the VIP treatment!

Size Matters

Standard trailers are 12-18 feet in length, meaning no squeezing into tight spaces. This makes them family friendly, especially for parents with young children who might need changing, more spacious and comfortable for everyone.

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Get Multiple Units in One

Eliminate the chaos and queues that can form outside a line of units. Restroom trailers are great for keeping the crowd flowing a lot quicker and more orderly. With portioned male and female sections, everything runs a whole lot smoother. Let your clients know that trailers allow for an experience closer to using public restrooms, removing the stigma associated with porta-potties.

More of a Bargain Than Realized

Some clients may balk at the cost of restroom trailers, forgetting that trailers can handle a whole lot of people and are not one-at-a-time units. With multiple people using them, they eradicate the need for many units. Also, the extra amenities give great bang for your buck.

The key to selling trailers is making clients aware of the advantages listed above. Target the right audience, going for bigger or high-end festivals, weddings, and corporate, charitable, or sporting events, where appearances and cleanliness are important to the client.

But don’t be afraid to pitch trailers to other clients, too. The rewards of using restroom trailers are so great that a lot of construction companies and smaller events are even starting to request them.


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