Luxury Trailer Rentals An Investment That Can Pay Off Big
Luxury Trailer Rentals: An Investment That Can Pay Off Big
November 10, 2021

As winter approaches and temperatures begin to fall, RV parks start to close for the season. When this happens, some RV owners or renters seek a company to pump their septic system for them. This presents an opportunity for properly trained and equipped PROs to supplement their income.

If you are interested in adding RV pumping to your service list and want to increase your knowledge about it, this infographic is for you. It provides some quick facts about servicing RVs and is a good reference for both office staff and service techs to keep readily available.

RV Pumping Info Sheet

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RV Pumping Info Sheet

RV Septic System Release Valve Facts

  • The septic system on an RV typically has two release valves
  • Some fifth-wheel RVs have three release valves
  • To ensure the service tech pumps the RV completely, they need to know if the RV has two or three release valves
  • If the customer doesn’t know if there are two or three release valves, they should refer to the owner’s manual or contact the dealer or previous owner

Standard RV Pumping Services

  • Opening release valves
  • Pumping waste from the septic tank
  • Disposal of waste at appropriate waste treatment facilities

Add-On RV Pumping Services

  • Locating & clearing blockages in the septic system
  • Rinsing the septic system with water

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