Ways to Ensure Timely Customer Payments
Ways to Ensure Timely Customer Payments
February 3, 2020
Best Businesses to Expand Into the Portable Restroom Sector
INFOGRAPHIC: Best Businesses to Expand Into the Portable Restroom Sector
February 17, 2020
How Do Trailers Fit Into Your Business Model?

You don’t need us to tell you that trailers are becoming ever more popular with event organizers. If you’re thinking of adding some to your fleet but are wondering how to fit them into your business model, we hope to share some helpful knowledge with you.

Why are Trailers in Demand?

With culinary and cultural festivals increasing in popularity year after year, ticket prices are going up. With that, higher standards are expected from customers. One of the most crucial aspects of this is comfort when using the restroom. Event organizers want their customers to feel almost as happy using their portable toilets as they would at home. And that’s where trailers come in.

What Kind of Luxury Features Do Trailers Offer?

Trailers greatly broaden the range of features you can offer to your clients. From showers to enhanced ADA accessibility and comfort, you immediately tap into a new market. Some of the best trailer features include:

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Hot water
  • Baby changing stations
  • Stereo systems
  • Device charging stations

This is only a fraction of the features out there. To read more, click here. Be sure to shop around and ask sales reps, as features differ from model to model.

What Other Events are Trailers Good for?

Trailers are usually associated with special events like outdoor weddings, but recently, the scope has expanded to include events like:

  • Large food and cultural festivals
  • High-end outdoor parties
  • Grand business openings
  • Film sets
  • Backstage at concerts
  • VIP tents at festivals, conferences, and exhibitions

If you’re looking to move into any of these sectors, why not head to a tradeshow and look at some trailers? Chatting with suppliers will give you a stronger indication of what you might need and what’s currently trendy.

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How Do You Promote Your Trailers?

Once you purchase some trailers, don’t sit around waiting for clients to come to you. Be proactive and approach them yourself. Some clients may not know they want a trailer until you show them how good they are. Promote the luxury aspects of a trailer and appeal to what’s popular. See our article here for which trailer features are in demand.

The Final Word

Fitting trailers into your business model might seem like a tight squeeze, so if you’re not ready to expand, it’s wise to be cautious. If, on the other hand, you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to grow into bigger markets, acquiring some trailers is the perfect step. The majority of PROs who do it don’t look back.

Make sure you do thorough research – get talking to reps and others in the industry. Sound out your current clients, too, and contact potential future customers to gauge their interest in trailers.

Last but not least, promote your new fleet vigorously and join the others in the luxury trailer rental market today!

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