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May 6, 2019
Top JohnTalk Articles

INFOGRAPHIC: Top JohnTalk Articles

Since JohnTalk launched in 2018, we’ve written well over 200 articles. These are the 20 most popular overall. Get the JohnTalk “ALL-ACCESS PASS” & become a […]
September 17, 2018
How to Properly Clean Portable Sinks

How to Properly Clean Portable Sinks

This is an area that stumps many portable restroom operators – cleaning their portable sinks. If you’ve ever tried it, you know how difficult it can […]
March 15, 2018
Hand Sanitizer vs. Portable Sinks

INFOGRAPHIC: Hand Sanitizer vs. Portable Sinks

After people use the toilet, they need a way to clean their hands to prevent the spread of germs. In the portable sanitation industry, there are […]
August 7, 2017
Most Popular Add-Ons and Upsells

INFOGRAPHIC: Most Popular Add-Ons & Upsells

A great way to increase revenue for your portable restroom rental business is to offer add-ons and upsells. These are non-standard products and features that enhance […]