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January 20, 2020
Deterring Vandalism and Theft of Equipment

INFOGRAPHIC: Deterring Vandalism and Theft of Equipment

Almost every PRO will have to deal with vandalism or equipment theft at some point. It’s a frustrating aspect of the industry, but you don’t have […]
September 9, 2019
Responding to Suspected Employee Theft

Responding to Suspected Employee Theft

Theft in any business, regardless of the size of the company, is detrimental to its bottom line. Not only does it affect your profits, but it […]
November 26, 2018
Protect Your Investment Proper Storage, Handling & Security

Protect Your Investment: Proper Storage, Security and Handling

How you maintain your units and other portable sanitation products when you’re not using them is just as important as how you care for your units […]
June 25, 2018
How to Deal With Equipment Theft

How to Deal with Equipment Theft

We hope you won’t have to deal with this one often, but unfortunately, theft of equipment —trailers, trucks, even portable restrooms themselves — does happen. In […]