October 17, 2022

INFOGRAPHIC: The Science of Pee

Any good PRO knows that it’s not just the toilet seat and tank that need a regular, thorough cleaning. Urinals also require attention to prevent them […]
September 17, 2018

How to Properly Clean Portable Sinks

This is an area that stumps many portable restroom operators – cleaning their portable sinks. If you’ve ever tried it, you know how difficult it can […]
July 23, 2018

Deodorizers: A Scientific Look

Have you ever heard the term porta-potty blue used to describe the color of someone’s eyes or a body of water? Maybe you’ve listened to friends […]
May 21, 2018

INFOGRAPHIC: Spilled Blue? Here’s What to Do…

Among the common issues PROs experience when servicing portable toilets is spilled blue. While blue doesn’t pose a severe environmental threat (as long as it does […]