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What You Can Do to Prepare for the Next Recession
October 28, 2019
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Staying Safe at Potentially Hazardous Locations
November 11, 2019
How to Rebrand to Rejuvenate Your Business

As we come into the slow season for many in the portable restroom industry, you may be wondering what to do with your downtime.

Why not use it as an opportunity to jazz up your company’s profile with a rebrand?

Why Rebrand?

There are many reasons a business owner might consider rebranding:

  • To stand out from the competition. Your logo or name might be too close to a competitor’s.
  • Outdated branding. For some reason, everyone can tell when a logo looks old. It’s just a fact of life! Fonts, color schemes, and graphics go out of fashion, so make sure you’re moving on with the times.
  • Poor reputation. Sometimes, you need a fresh start. If you’ve been on the receiving end of bad reviews or publicity, changing things up can put distance between the old and the new and show customers you take feedback seriously.
  • Broadened scope. You may have added new services to your catalog and want to reflect this in your branding.

What Are the Benefits of Rebranding Your Business?

While there are many reasons to rebrand, the goal is always to bring in more customers. A successful rebrand not only shows your current clientele that you’re moving forward as a company, but it also hooks in new clients, too.

If you’re super-successful, you might even attract customers you previously would not have reached.

So, How Do I Rebrand?

There are so many ways to update your image:

  • Even if you just update your logo and introduce a new color scheme, it can go a long way. Massive companies like Uber, Apple, and Airbnb frequently update their branding. They know when to jazz it up or tone it down. Look at their recent examples and apply them to your own business.
  • Flashy new decals and/or uniforms put confidence into your team when they go out in the field.
  • If you currently put a single decal on each unit, try putting one on all four sides. Little touches like this increase brand awareness.
  • Buying new equipment and trucks is also a type of rebrand as it improves your business’s image and catches the attention of potential customers.

If you’re looking for inspiration, click here to read about the success story of Indiana PRO Julie’s Johns, who responded to a big hit with a branding and attitude makeover.

You can also read our branding and marketing checklist for more ideas.

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Get the Word Out There

Update your website and all social media pages with your new branding. Replace any old photos with new images. A word of advice from the experts, too: Remove any stock photos and replace them with pictures that show your company in action. Hire a professional photographer if necessary.

You can find more great tips in our article about boosting your social media game. Don’t wait around until you’re too busy. Rebrand and rejuvenate this winter. Come spring, you’ll be ready to reveal your new and improved business to the world!

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