How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
May 21, 2018
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May 21, 2018
Sticker Decals or Plates on Your Units

Deciding how to brand your products is perhaps the last step in creating a business, and some business owners don’t give it much thought. However, branding is extremely important as, when done right, it can attract new customers and make your company recognizable in an instant.

In the portable restroom industry, branding means getting your company’s name, logo, and information out on trucks, uniforms, and units. With units specifically, you’re in a unique position to advertise very visually without really doing anything — as your units sit on a job, they can simultaneously bring in new customers if they display some effective branding.

You may have seen different options for branding your units and are wondering whether to choose sticker decals or plates. We want to help you make a more informed choice between the two and also talk about how you can locate branding on your units.

Sticker Decals or Plates for Branding Your Units

A decal is a highly durable, long-lasting sticker that can bear your company’s logo, name, phone number, and other contact information.

Plates, on the other hand, are like license plates that can be molded into your units. They carry your company name and information. The best-known example of these is perhaps Waste Management.

Many people prefer decals to plates. Among the advantages with using decals is that they give you color differentiation options and are more visually arresting — they stand out, demanding more attention than a plate. A decal can copy the logo on your trucks and business cards and effectively carry your brand further. When your units are sitting on a site, your logo is proudly displayed, helping your brand to become more recognizable. Furthermore, if you’re selling or retiring a unit — or if you choose to sell the business — decals are easier to remove than plates.

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Should You Brand All Sides of Your Units?

This is entirely up to you. Not all units necessarily need all four sides showing your branding, but if it’s affordable, we would recommend it. While branding the front of the unit is a must, additional branding on the other sides really cements your logo and info and gives your units a professional look.

You also don’t know which side people are going to see. Over time, for different jobs, different sides of your units are going to be alternately exposed and hidden, so having all four sides branded means you’ll never have to worry about your branding being unseen.

That said, at large events where units are lined up side-by-side, most of those sticker decals or plates will be hidden from view. So, you may decide that it’s not worth paying for branding for all four sides of every unit you own. If you have some units in your fleet that are branded on each side, you may prioritize placing these at the exposed edges of any large banks of units, keeping those with one or two brands for the inner units.

Just remember that the more exposure your branding gets the better. If it’s within your budget, branding all four sides will greatly enhance your company’s look and reputation. However, some tactical placements can save costs, too.


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