Dealing with the Effects of Storms
Dealing with the Effects of Storms
October 1, 2018
Fun Ways to Market Your Business 2
INFOGRAPHIC: Fun Ways to Market Your Business
October 1, 2018
How to Increase Your Customer Base

There’s no single solution to attracting new clients to your business. Rather, there are many ways you can increase your customer base, and all are worth trying. We are big believers in the idea that the wider the net you cast, the more fish you’re likely to haul in.

To give you a range of options, we’ve listed below what we believe are the top methods for getting new customers. Implement as many of these tips as you can, and you should see your company grow.

Get Your Name Out There

Becoming a recognized brand takes work, but the payoffs are incredible. According to ISPO News, 90% of all purchasing decisions that customers make are subconscious. Customers recognize branding and are much more likely to trust a brand they know.

  1. Start by making your logo a key component of your business. Put it on your trucks, uniforms, business cards, and units – anywhere customers are likely to see anything attached to your company.
  2. Go to the next level by sponsoring a little league or other community team.
  3. Sponsor and participate in local events, and volunteer when you can.
  4. Put ads in construction and chamber of commerce newsletters, services-for-hire classifieds, and yellow pages, too.

Soon, you’ll see that people are aware of your brand and trust it.

The Power of a Strong Website and Google Maps

Your company website is where all the information about you is stored. Social media or advertising might attract people, but your website should be your business’s home base.

  1. Many customers are put off by a messy, unclear, or unprofessional website. Make sure yours is customer-friendly. Don’t be afraid to pay a little bit more for a good provider or an IT specialist who can make it top-notch.
  2. Keep your website updated with new content. When people search on Google, the results they see depend on keywords. The websites with the most relevant keywords for the Google search will show up. Do some SEO (search engine optimization) research to find out which keywords rank highest and input them into your website.
  3. It’s also extremely important that your company is listed accurately in Google Maps. This allows people in your area to see where you are and find all your company info quickly. We have step-by-step instructions listed here to help you set this up.

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Have a Solid Social Media Presence

Last, but not least, having a strong social media presence can take your business to the next level.

  1. Use all the main social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – to post fun, engaging content related to the portable restroom industry.
  2. People like a company with a sense of humor, and we’re sure you’ll be able to find plenty of material in our industry! Just make sure your posts are professional if funny.
  3. People also like interesting articles and info that educates them. A great idea is to share content that raises awareness about the benefits of the portable sanitation industry, like saving fresh water and improving sanitation in developing countries.

The more people that like and share your posts, the more that now know your company. Check out our 5 tips on using social media to attract new customers here.

We hope this article gives you some ideas that lead to increased business. Remember, you can’t overdo it – put in the maximum effort, be proactive, and cast a wide net. The more ways you try to market your business, the higher your chances of finding new customers.


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