Best Businesses to Add Portable Toilet Rentals
Best Businesses to Add Portable Toilet Rentals
March 1, 2018
How to Close the Generation Gap Between Workers
How to Close the Generation Gap Between Workers
March 5, 2018
5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Business

Social media is a fast and inexpensive way to promote your business that generates new clientele and engages existing customers.

For centuries, the foundation of business growth has lived and thrived within proper marketing and advertising. Marketing and advertising either facilitate rapid growth or perpetuate slow growth, depending on the mechanism employed to do so. Today, social media is one of the best and most far-reaching tools companies can utilize in order to promote a business and grow an audience of potential clients.

Users are online talking about and discussing their experience with a company daily, and the content posted on your social media will either bring an audience in or push them away. Here are 5 ways you can use social media platforms to promote your business.

1. Create Social Media Accounts on All Fronts

All social media platforms are not created equal for your business. There will be platforms you will spend more time on and others that require quick updates here and there. In the portable restroom rental industry, social sharing is potentially more important in the form of Facebook, Yelp or BBB Reviews than photos re-shared on Tumblr.

Your business will thrive in the environment where most of your potential clients spend their time. Facebook business pages, Instagram social accounts, LinkedIn accounts and Twitter handles are four great places to start for your business because they offer very different mechanisms and tools for sharing while holding diverse audiences that cater to your business.

2. Post Updates

In order to keep your audience engaged, it is important to regularly post updates on your social media accounts. Ask a social media marketer or digital marketing maven, and the answer to how many updates is ideal is a gray area. On some platforms, posting 3 times a week is perfect while others will run over 10 posts per week with more engagement.

The bottom line with any update is quality over quantity. Don’t just simply post a picture of a new unit without a quality caption or engaging text. The quality of the picture should be high as well as the content associated with the image, promotion, or service advertised.

3. Find Followers, Friends, and Social Media Users to Engage With

Effective businesses know their audiences. A portable restroom rental company probably won’t be looking at targeting mothers or young teens. Instead, the company will want to target event planners, construction companies, and members of the local community. It might also cater to businesses hosting company picnics, schools for prom or other seasonal events and companies or individuals in charge of organizing sporting events.

The more relevant your content is to your audience, the more business you will receive. Period.

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4. Engage with Your Audience

Ask questions that are conversation starters on your social media platforms. Questions like, “Do you like this new portable toilet design?” or “Which do you prefer at a sporting event, luxury units or standard units?” are a couple possible things to ask that will yield responses and engagement.

Advice is another avenue to engage your audience. If you have been struggling to choose new colors for your brand or are wondering what your audience’s opinion is about a new logo, ask! Customers will feel like they are a part of your business and feel valuable within your industry.

Additionally, you can entertain your audience with little-known facts about the portable restroom rental industry. Gauge their interest in events they prefer to attend seasonally. The more you know about what your audience responds to, the easier it will be to target accounts. Also, give your social media followers deals and promotions first! They will appreciate and share, growing your business at little to no cost.

5. Make Your Account Fun to Follow

Entertain your audience with fun facts, porta-potty jokes and “did you knows?” about the people who run your business. Allow your audience to get to know the people who make your business special. The more intimate and transparent you are on social media, the more people will want to keep up with what you are doing and what you are offering.


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