Managing the Growth of Your Business
Managing the Growth of Your Business
January 27, 2020
How Do Trailers Fit Into Your Business Model
How Do Trailers Fit Into Your Business Model?
February 10, 2020
Ways to Ensure Timely Customer Payments

Receiving timely customer payments makes it easier to run your portable restroom business. But, there’s a good chance that you’ll face a few customers that ignore your invoice for a few weeks or fail to pay altogether. Reduce late payments and protect yourself from non-payers by setting up a system that works for you and your customers.

Simplify the Payment Process for Your Customers

Your portable restroom customers crave convenience. The easier it is to pay, the higher your chances of getting paid on time. Make your payment information clear and offer online payment options for the best results.

Payment wording. Bold the phrase “Ways to Pay.” Then, list types of payments accepted and how to pay in your contract and invoice. For instance, use credit card icons (Debit, Visa, Mastercard, etc.) to show what forms of payment you accept. Share complete details on how to pay, including your phone number and office hours.

Online payments. Bold the phrase “Pay Online.” Use an invoicing program, so customers can click the “Pay Now” button on the invoice. Also, consider accepting payments on your website and through PayPal. More options increase your chances of timely customer payments.

Include Payment Terms in Contracts and Invoices

Double-check your customer agreements for correct wording and full payment instructions, including your late payment policy. Include information like:

  • Payment types accepted: List all the ways customers can pay
  • Where and how you take payments: Add your address, phone number, and website URL
  • Late payment fees: Use wording like “15 days from the date of the original invoice”
  • Line item billing: Itemize charges to avoid extra back and forth
  • Due date and total: Place this information in one or more areas on your invoice

Stop a Problem Before It Starts

Prevention is critical to timely customer payments. Start with a verbal discussion about billing terms. Ask if your client has any questions about when or how to pay you. Then, get an email address along with their physical address and a mobile phone number. You may also:

Highlight prepayment and preferred payment discounts. Consider giving a small discount to clients who pay early or who use cash or debit as opposed to credit cards.

Perform credit checks on new customers. If a new customer wants a sizable rental, you may want to perform a credit check.

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Automate Your Invoicing and Collections Process

Stay on top of payments with your invoicing program. Set up automatic alerts that generate paper notices and email messages once a payment is late. Consider sending an automated text message reminder as well. If no payment is forthcoming, you’ll need to ramp up your collection process:

  • Document all contact with your client
  • Send a final notice that gives a date
  • Ask your lawyer to send a demand letter

If your collection efforts fail and the amount is substantial, enlist help from a collection agency. For lower amounts, keep sending out payment notices and visiting your client in person. Knocking on doors isn’t fun, but it’ll help you get paid.

Dealing with late payers is a part of any business. But, PROs who take steps to make the payment process clear and convenient while using an automated process reduce the number of late payments.

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