Laying Off Employees: How to Do It Professionally
Laying Off Employees: How to Do It Professionally
January 6, 2020
Deterring Vandalism and Theft of Equipment
INFOGRAPHIC: Deterring Vandalism and Theft of Equipment
January 20, 2020
Are Tablets a Real Solution for in the Field?

Depending on how comfortable you are with technology, investing in tablets may seem like overkill or feel like a natural next step. After all, your drivers have cell phones, and there’s a good chance that you already use customer management or routing software in your office. So, do you really need expensive tech for your team in the field?

Consider the Feasibility of Tablets in the Field

Although upcoming generations are technical savvy, your team may not be ready for a new device. Heck, they may have just mastered their cell phones. In this instance, don’t throw a tablet at them during your busy season and expect them to go with the flow. Before adding tablets consider:

  • Startup and replacement costs of software and hardware
  • The expense of upgrading or adding mobile internet service
  • Cost of setting up, connecting, and updating devices
  • Connectivity issues at rural sites and back-up plans

Plus, you’ll need a program that fits your needs while being easy-to-use for team members with different abilities. Regardless of which tablet or application you use, you’ll need to train your service team and get them used to a new process.

Take Note of How Tablets Benefit Your Business

Even with a learning curve, technology that improves customer relations and overall communications may give your portable restroom company the edge over the competition. For example, a tablet helps your team document trouble in the field. Drivers use tablets to:

  • Record site, equipment, or customer issues on the spot
  • Take time-stamped photos for proof of a problem
  • Track assets or check availability of parts or equipment

Field devices also help your crew stay safe and personalize their customer visits. Instead of relying on word-of-mouth, your team can add information about a tricky driveway or hazardous worksite into the program. When someone takes over a new route, everything they need to know is at their fingertips.

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Tips for Adding Tablets to Your Process

Before you invest in new tablets, determine your goal. Is it to protect drivers from customer backlash over an incomplete service or to save money on tracking assets? With your objective in mind, come up with ways tablets benefit your drivers.

For a new technology to work, you need buy-in from your team. PROs must show their crew how tablets will make their job easier and better. Once you’ve presented the idea, shared the benefits, and have at least one advocate on your side, consider buying or renting a unit for demonstration purposes.

  • Start with practice tablets on-site
  • Develop a short training program
  • Train during downtime, not the busy season

Next, take your tablet into the field. Run through various scenarios and play around with different programs to see how the device works in real-life situations. Once you’ve considered the pros and cons, see if adding tablets supports your long-term business goals.

Incorporating technology into your portable restroom business can be challenging. But, its use also positions your company as a forward-thinking business that puts customer satisfaction first. With careful planning, tablets help your crew better serve customers and stay safe in the field.

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