Laying Off Employees: How to Do It Professionally

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Laying Off Employees: How to Do It Professionally

The holiday season is a busy time for most people, but for those in the portable restroom industry, it’s a time to wind down a bit. Inevitably, this time of year means laying off seasonal employees.

Laying anyone off can be difficult, but if it’s managed right it’s just another part of the job in this line of work. How you go about doing it makes all the difference.

Make Sure Everyone is on the Same Page

Transparency is the key to layoffs. Be honest and informative from the get-go. When you hire seasonal staff, make sure they know the position is not permanent. Set out and define the term of employment. Even if you can’t guarantee a precise end date, it’s good to have one written on a contract and then, as the season-end approaches, check back in with your seasonal staff to give them an accurate update.

Doing this gives your workers time to prepare for the off-season and seek another job if they need to. It also protects you against any conflicts down the line. The last thing you want is a disgruntled employee saying they didn’t know they were being laid off around that time.

Help Them Get Other Work

If you have any part-time positions in the new year, why not mention it to some of your best seasonal staff? You can also try to help them get off-season work around town. Write letters of recommendation for them and show that you’re actively looking out for them by referring them to other companies you think might be a good fit.

Showing support for and trust in your seasonal staff will only strengthen your bonds and make it more likely they’ll come back to you in the busy season.

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Keep in Touch

Chances are, you’ll want the same employees back again when things start picking up. Regaining experienced staff is a lot better than starting a whole new hiring process. So, make sure your seasonal workers don’t go missing on you. Keep their contact details and keep in touch. Tell them when you’ll be expecting to need them again. When the season is approaching, check in and make arrangements to rehire them.

Foster a Positive Work Environment

Perhaps the most understated thing you can do… If your company is a place people love to work — a place with clear expectations, a good bunch of people rallying for a busy season, and supportive management — you can bet seasonal staff will not only be OK with being let go at the end of their term, they’ll be queuing up to come back once the season kicks in again.

In this industry, laying off employees is just part of the job. All you have to do is make sure it’s done professionally, and everybody is content.

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