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November 18, 2019
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Cultivate a Culture That Will Help Your Company Grow
December 2, 2019
Routing Software: A Look at Your Options

As software for the portable sanitation industry continues to advance, becoming more sophisticated with each new update, more and more companies have incorporated it into the running of their business. Is it your turn to invest in this powerful business tool?

By portable sanitation software, we specifically mean routing or route management software. Routing software is a computer program that automatically creates your routes. It puts all your jobs in the order that makes the route as efficient as possible so you or your driver(s) will spend the least amount of time, use the least amount of fuel, and/or drive the fewest miles. Routes are easily updated.

A big appeal of routing software is that it’s usually more than just routing. In fact, programs cover almost every aspect of route management that you can think of. Some of the most popular additional features are step-by-step directions, real-time tracking of trucks, and immediate confirmation that a job has been completed.

Route-planning software is either cloud-based or on-premises. Cloud-based means that you access the service over the internet. On-premises means that the routing software is installed on your computers.

As you might expect, “there’s an app for that!” Most routing software offers a mobile app for iOS and/or Android so you and your team can access and input information on the go.

For many PROs who own smaller operations, route management software might be all they need or can afford, so several companies offer it as a “standalone” product. However, most software developers also considerably expand the capabilities of portable sanitation software by adding business management features. These comprehensive services can include accounting and invoicing, customer records, business reports, inventory management, credit card processing, and much more.

Some tips when researching routing software:

Dig Deeper for Credible Reviews

Reliable reviews of routing software are in short supply on the web, so you might want to take a more personal approach. Talk with other PROs you know about the software they use. Ask what works and what doesn’t. Are the programs easy to understand and use (“intuitive”)? How well does the driver app work in the field? Use social media to get a broader range of opinions.

Take a Demo

Most of the companies listed in this article offer a demonstration of their product. To take a demo, you will have to contact the company and give them general information about yourself and your company. If you’re not ready to contact a software provider, an alternative is to check out online videos of their products, particularly on YouTube.

Talk Price

The many pricing options offered by routing software companies give you the advantage of choice. The most important decision on price, besides the actual cost, will probably be whether to choose a one-time fee or an ongoing fee (monthly, for example). The one-time payment method is an upfront cost that can be expensive, while the ongoing cost is much smaller but continues as long as you use the software.

Most software providers don’t list prices on their websites, so you’ll have to call or email the companies for information. For an overview of some route management software pricing, click here.

Below, we’ve outlined the features and services of several popular route management programs. You will see many similarities in what they have to offer, which is why you should take the time to thoroughly research the routing software companies and products that you think will best meet your needs.

CRO Dispatching and Logistics Software


The software is entirely cloud-based, using infrastructure providers including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

  • Optimized routes that can be updated in real-time
  • Plot mapping precisely locates units on-site, provides turn-by-turn directions, GPS tracking to locate driver’s location
  • Driver’s app (available in iOS and Android) for real-time access to route information
  • Job dispatching
  • Job request scheduling
  • Set up service schedule
  • Customer Center gives access to customers, job requests, route stops, billing options, assets, more
  • Comprehensive reports of all activities
  • QuickBooks integration
  • 24/7 unlimited support
  • Software training



RouteOptix is a Canada-based software company and is a Bronze Supplier of Portable Sanitation International (PSAI).


Route Advisor

  • Optimize all routes efficiently
  • Print route sheets
  • Embed directions
  • Track active routes
  • Update routes

Android Integration (Android app for drivers)

  • Electronic routes display all steps
  • Voice-activated directions available
  • Mapping choices: Google Maps, commercial routes, routing preferences, route overview
  • Ability to make changes to service, quantities, location, etc. in the field
  • Record notes
  • Take pictures associated with stops (up to four photos per stop)
  • Sign-on, signatures, and receipts
  • Enter tickets from disposal facilities
  • Documents produced in the main application can be electronically produced, signed for, and emailed from the Android device
  • GPS vehicle location updated in real-time
  • Track revenue associated with units
  • Keep maintenance/historical records of units
  • Reporting for up-to-date inventory
  • Scanning of assets in the field

Mapped Service Analysis – Visually analyze geographic densities using parameters such as Service Type, Sales Representative, Service Frequency, etc.

Customer Information 

  • All customer information on a single screen
  • View locations, services, follow-up calls, asset details, charges, routing, materials

Billing/Accounts Receivable

  • View customer billing history, payment history, balances
  • Customizable invoices
  • Monthly journals available for sales, receipts, AR adjustments
  • Collection tools and reporting
  • Automatic GL interface to your accounting program
  • Integration to credit card processing


  • Set up code for each item
  • Track items on hand

Production Reporting

Customized reporting:

  • Route and Customer Profitability Reports
  • Sales Analysis
  • Productivity Report
  • Fuel Consumption Report
  • Customer Service Analysis
  • Fully customizable forms
  • 8:30 am to 5:00 p.m. Eastern
  • On-call evenings/weekends
  • New updates free of charge with support

Installation and Training

  • Data is converted from your existing system into RouteOptix application
  • Online, on-site and ongoing training options

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ServiceCore is a web-based, QuickBooks-compatible application specifically designed for the toilet rental industry. ServiceCore is a Silver Supplier, Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI).

  • Route optimization and route recommendation
  • View driver routes by day or week
  • Organize jobs by territory
  • Drag and drop jobs to a driver’s schedule
  • Printable, stop-by-stop driving directions for route or location
  • Mark service location with exact latitude and longitude
  • Track technician performance and schedules

ServiceCore Mobile App

  • All job details through smartphone and tablet
  • GPS tracking
  • Record duration of each job
  • Access app offline when there is no internet available
  • Share notes and photos

Service scheduling

  • Repeat jobs, recurring jobs
  • Service reminders
  • Assign multiple service locations for larger clients
  • Work history tracking
  • Manage inventory

Accounting and invoicing

  • All customer billing and payment information in one platform
  • Estimates
  • Create, send and print invoices

Customer records

  • Payment information, status, notes
  • Locate customers by name, company, address, city, zip, phone or email

Business reports

  • Operational reports: jobs, volumes, driver efficiency, revenue
  • Inventory reports: usage calendar, rental map

Credit card processing

  • Fully integrated with CardConnect to accept debit and credit card payments
  • Accepts all major payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit, ACH, EBT, gift cards and NFC (Apple Pay)
  • Unlimited accounts for all staff members
  • Add or remove drivers any time
  • Import all your data into software
  • You’re assigned your own product specialist
  • Live support

Ritam Technologies


Ritam Summit Array software for portable sanitation uses Windows® 10 and Office XP through Office 2013. A small PRO business may choose the program for route management only, while larger or growing companies may opt for more comprehensive services.


Summit Route Management

  • Stand-alone database for a routing system without billing
  • Assign starting and finishing points, and the system will create the most efficient route
  • Profitability Report allows you to monitor revenues and multiple cost factors on routes, compare daily and weekly results
  • Choose from Lite or Plus (Mobile) editions
  • Add Summit Proof! separately to track inventory
  • For customer billing and accounting, expand to Summit Rental System or Summit Service System

Lite edition and Plus Mobility edition include:

  • Streamlined customer, job site and service setup
  • Customer suspension/stop service tracking
  • Delivery, pickup and service route assignment screen
  • Scheduling and work order management
  • Route optimizing with Google® map view*
  • Integrated disposal runs
  • Route scheduler calendar
  • Detailed route sheets
  • Route profit reporting
  • Paperless operation

Plus Mobility edition also includes:

  • Share optimized routes with technicians’ mobile devices (technician apps licensed separately)
  • Choice of smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad
  • Route details, special instructions, overview maps
  • Voice navigation
  • Instant message customers and job supervisors
  • Monitor route progress on street-level map
  • Customer Proof of Service web portal

Summit Proof!™

Mobile app for proof of service and inventory tracking

  • Use smartphone or tablet
  • Track job sites, current driver locations and inventory via barcode scan
  • Instant proof of service confirmations via email or text
  • View jobs and technician locations on the same map
  • Customer web portal

Summit Rental System™

Complete business management software system, including route management.

The Summit Rental System is available in four editions:

  • Plus
  • Pro
  • Deluxe
  • Premium

Plus Edition

  • Customers, jobs, orders
  • Delivery, pickup and special service orders
  • Billing, basic receivables
  • Auto email invoices, etc.
  • Integrated credit cards (optional)
  • Summit Proof! capable (Requires subscription to Summit Proof! mobile app. Technician apps licensed separately.)

Pro Edition

All the feature of Plus, and including:

  • Basic routing
  • Basic inventory control
  • Route optimization on street-level maps* (optional)
  • Mobile routing and mapping* (optional)
  • QuickBooks®/PeachTree® tie-in (optional)
  • GPS tie-in (optional)

Deluxe Edition

All of the above, and including:

  • Expanded routing
  • Expanded inventory control
  • Expanded reporting
  • QuickBooks®/PeachTree® tie-in
  • GPS tie-in (optional)

Premium Edition

All of the above, and including:

  • Summit Proof! (Requires subscription to Summit Proof! mobile app. Technician apps licensed separately.)
  • GPS tie-in
  • Latest feature releases

* Services that require email or other accounts.


Software Licensing Options

There are two ways to license Summit Array software:

  • Monthly Subscription License- Includes Continuity Plan
  • Standard Licensing- Requires separate subscription to the Continuity Plam

At any time, monthly subscription licensing may be converted to standard licensing.

Continuity Plan

A 12-month subscription plan to keep program current.



Cloud and software for the waste industry that integrates route management, inventory management, accounting, and finance. AMCS is a Bronze Supplier, PSAI.


AMCS Intelligent Optimization

Route optimization that supports the business process

  • Master route optimization
  • Daily dynamic route optimization for unplanned orders
  • Real-time re-optimization of routes
  • Real-time monitoring of route execution
  • Analytics

Mobile Workforce

In-cab (mobile) order management app

  • Schedule updates
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Map view of planned route and work orders
  • Real-time addition of unplanned orders
  • Conduct daily safety checks and driver events
  • View detailed customer information
  • Capture signatures, photos, GPS, etc.
  • Geocoding support
  • Electronically record disposal information

Enterprise Management (ERP) System

AMCS Enterprise Management covers an extensive range of business processes.

  • Customer, contract and price management
  • Resource and asset management systems
  • Transport processes
  • Personnel administration (pay-roll, overtime)
  • Billing and invoicing (digital invoices, automated reminders and accounts payable)


Describe, predict and improve business performance with operational, financial and performance data.

Automated Rental Management


One application that unifies service scheduling, financial, accounting, and inventory management.


Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere fleet routing

  • Build routes with accurate travel times
  • Check driver status
  • Access directly from any contract or customer record
  • Notify customers of delayed deliveries
  • Centralizes route history in one location for access by any team member


Mobile app available for iOs and Android.


Accounting and Finance

  • Integrates all accounting, rental inventory, contract entry and billing functions
  • Billing management
  • Auditable revenue management
  • Financial performance

Inventory Management

  • Track maintenance history and service schedule
  • Reservation status
  • Supports bar code and RFID scanner technology
  • Record key performance indicators (KPIs)

Call your account manager anytime.



Get the RoadWarrior app at the App Store and Google Play

RoadWarrior Basic


  • Routing engine
  • Android and iOS App
  • Routing w/ traffic, schedules, availability

RoadWarrior Pro

$10/mo. or $100/yr.

All of the above plus:

  • Data synced and backed up to servers
  • Upload and reporting

RoadWarrior Team

$5/mo. per driver + $10/mo. base

All of the above plus:

  • Dispatcher web app
  • Licensed for multiple users
  • Create driver accounts
  • Assign routes to drivers
  • Track and monitor route progress
  • Purchase additional monthly quota

Plan Quotas

Max route size (stops)

  • Basic: 8
  • Pro: 120
  • Team: 120

Daily optimized stops

  • Basic: 50
  • Pro: 500
  • Team: 500 + 500 per driver

Daily search limit

  • Basic: 50
  • Pro: 500
  • Team: 500 + 500 per driver




Route scheduling and planning software that supports routes that change daily, weekly, or seasonally. Routing professionals work directly with you. Type, copy-and-paste, or upload customer list. Pick the number of drivers and hit optimize. Within about 10 seconds you will have an optimized route.

  • Map, search, and categorize customers and prospects
  • Overview of entire operation if you have multiple routes and drivers
  • Detailed mileages, route manifests, and fuel cost dollars saved
  • Each address on a route can capture information such as revenue, cost, and service time
  • Many add-on platform components

Mobile route-planning apps (iOS, Android, Zebra)

  • Real-time synchronization of all routes and customer addresses
  • Route progress and location tracking
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Notes and photos
  • Sign-on-glass verification
  • Access support team by email, live chat or phone
  • Premium support available

Dynamic Routing

For businesses whose driving routes change daily or a few times a week

Route Management: $149/mo.

Route Optimization: $199/mo.

Advanced Route Optimization: $299/mo.

Territory Management and Optimization

For businesses that manage customers, locations, field-sales and field-marketing using geographical territories

Territory Management: $99/mo.

Advanced Territory Management: $199/mo.

Automatic Territory Optimization: $1,999/mo.

Scheduled and Recurring Routing

For businesses whose customers need to be visited using a repeating schedule. Contact company.

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