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August 15, 2017
How to Find and Keep Good Help
How to Find and Keep Good Help
August 16, 2017
Analysis of the Different Kinds of Pumper Trucks

Pumper and flatbed trucks are essential to running a reliable and profitable business in the portable restroom rental industry. Just as it is important to invest in employees and high-quality equipment, as well as design a proper business model that will allow your company to thrive, you’ll want to consider different pumper trucks and flatbed trucks in which to invest. Below is some important information for you to consider when choosing between the many different types and kinds of trucks that are available on the market. Read along for some helpful tips when it comes time for you to choose!

What Type of Truck Do You Need?

The type of truck you want for your business will depend greatly on the type of business you are running. In order to better understand what your needs will be as far as investing in pumper trucks go, you’ll want to think about where your business is headed, what your budget allows room for and what type of fleet you dream of establishing.

For example, if you are expanding a septic company to a portable restroom rental company and already use a septic truck, you can use your existing vehicle as a high-end, all-in-one piece of equipment. Your septic truck will be adequate for servicing, and if your company is rapidly growing, you’ll want to consider getting a flatbed truck in addition to your septic unit so you can continue to deliver and perform minor servicing when the event or schedule calls for separate trips.

Pumper trucks clean the units but can only haul two standard units on the back. A different type of flatbed truck should be used for deliveries of more units for larger events. There is a smaller tank on the flatbed truck (for example, a 500-gallon waste tank with a 300-gallon water tank) that can assist in servicing and delivering, making your life easier and your business more profitable!

How Do You Decide How Much You Should Invest in a Fleet?

The cheapest way to start investing in pumper trucks for a small portable restroom rental business is to start with a truck with a slide-in tank that is mounted on the bed of a standard pickup truck. These trucks are installed with a vacuum pump as an assembly, which can then be mounted to the back of the truck as well.

Standard style pumper trucks will generally carry a 1,500-gallon waste tank that can be made of stainless steel, carbon or aluminum material with the ability to split water and waste in different ratios. Some companies will split 300 gallons of waste with 100 gallons of water, but it absolutely is an individual business decision based on specific needs, including your budget.

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How Many Trucks Should You Have in Your Fleet?

Most companies in the beginning stages of growing their business will only need one truck with the capability to pump and service tanks, but for existing companies and depending on the needs of the company, two or more could be beneficial. Some of the more popular brands of standard trucks include: Ford, Dodge, GMC, Freightliner, Peterbilt and Engine & Accessory.

The type or brand of truck you want to choose might depend on which dealership is closest to you. If there is a Freightliner dealership near you, it might be worth your time and money to go there versus driving a long distance to find a Peterbilt lot.

Likewise, the choice between brands also depends on your business needs regarding your budget. If buying a truck or trucks isn’t a commitment you think you can make on your current budget, there is quite a large market for used trucks that are readily available. Most established portable restroom rental businesses will want new fleets and frequently sell older trucks to maintain consistency with their brand and upkeep.


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