Addressing Positive & Negative Feedback with Individual Service Technicians

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August 6, 2020
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August 31, 2020
Addressing Positive & Negative Feedback with Individual Service Technicians

As a business owner, it’s important to have an appraisal system in place for your employees. When feedback about your individual service technicians is passed on, whether it’s good or bad, it should always be valued, relayed back to the worker in question, and implemented into their performance review.

Feedback is necessary for keeping morale up and ensuring your company lives up to its reputation for service. But what do you do with feedback? How do you implement it? What are some ways you can use it practically?

Below are some ideas to help you address positive and negative feedback.

Create a Point System

This is a common approach nowadays, where a business has a point system in place for its employees. Basically, you create a scoreboard where, say, every time a service technician gets positive feedback from a customer, they get a point. It can be more in-depth than this, with higher points for actions that go above and beyond good service, etc., but the principle is the same — to reward the people who are working hard and satisfying customers.

Make sure the system is communicated thoroughly to your staff before it’s put into use, and make time to answer any questions they may have. Do a big rollout before the point system begins to get your staff pumped up for it. At the end of each month, check in with individual performance appraisals for each technician. 

It may be jarring at first, but once it’s smoothly up and running, your employees will rely on it to spur them on.


How you reward high achievers is up to you. Lots of companies give out cool gifts like grills, speakers, gift cards, bikes, etc. Tailor rewards to suit your employees and what you think they value most.

Whether you give out gifts, bonuses, pay rises, or time off, make sure each target and reward is well communicated in advance so people know what they’re working toward.

A reward system can work with the above point system – where a certain amount of points equals a certain reward – or it can function independently. For example, you could have a different reward each month and whoever gets the most positive feedback wins the reward.

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What About Negative Feedback?

It’s important that negative feedback is relayed to technicians, too, so they have the chance to rectify their mistakes. Put complaints into a file and conduct a monthly review with the employee.

If using the point system, you can dock points for complaints. If they receive a certain number of complaints in a month, perhaps they should undergo a training program.

Setting up well-structured appraisal systems should lead to more incentives to perform to a high standard. Once your system is in place, it will become second nature to your staff.

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