How to Effectively Manage and Maximize Your Drivers

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August 6, 2018
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August 6, 2018
How to Effectively Manage & Maximize Your Drivers

Let’s face it; you’re the portable restroom operator making the big decisions. However, your drivers are on the front line. From the moment they clock in, their action or inaction affects your company. That’s why it’s important to remember that managing your drivers extends beyond route planning. PROs who motivate drivers and recognize their skills have higher employee retention rates and fewer driver accidents. Happy employees translate into satisfied customers. Here are some easy ways to maximize your staff, encourage good behavior, and increase profits.

Communicate Your Expectations to Your Drivers

If you’re focusing on safety or addressing complaints related to the servicing of units, then send out a reminder to your drivers. Attach a flyer to a driver’s paycheck or route sheets. Send a message to their device. Use clear communication by repeating your monthly objectives. A driver who knows what you expect not only time-wise, but also in demeanor, service quality, and documentation can meet (and exceed) your goals.

Optimize Routes According to the Driver’s Skills

Recognize individual skills that set certain drivers apart from others. These talents range from excelling in city driving to nurturing picky clients. Seasoned city drivers are less stressed and more efficient on city routes than drivers who are used to country roads. Experienced drivers save you time, have fewer accidents, and are happier in their job.

Likewise, if you have a difficult client, try switching out your drivers. Certain individuals respond better to challenging clients and situations. Use your driver’s skills to keep everyone satisfied.

Reward Drivers for Consistent Good Behavior

Yearly pay raises and bonuses motivate truck drivers to work hard all year long. Understanding what constitutes a pay raise helps staff meet your expectations. Recognize drivers who are courteous to customers, always on time, service units without complaints, and communicate problems. Include goals for drivers that extend beyond the basics. While it’s important to acknowledge the length of time with your company, it’s also necessary to reward staff for ongoing good work. Tie the reward to key behaviors that help your portable restroom business thrive.

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Create a Truck Driver Incentive Program

Top trucking companies reward drivers for clean records. This proven method is why many PROs begin with a basic safety program. Incentivize actions to optimize productivity. Offer yearly or quarterly bonuses. Hand out gift cards for employees with no accidents during the busy season or when bad weather strikes. If you prioritize safety, you’ll have fewer accidents and increase profits.

At the same time, drivers are in the customer service business. Encourage employees to step up their customer service game. Drivers with no client complaints add value to your business, so reward them accordingly.

Maximize Profit with Specific Rewards

Did a driver go above and beyond to handle an issue or respond to a customer? Make a point to acknowledge this driver’s actions. Give a reward that’s separate from your safety program and yearly review. Recognizing good behavior helps with retention rates and shows you value your employees.

Did your driver refer a client to you? Encourage referrals by offering an incentive. If employees find that referrals negatively affect their job (longer routes, mountains of paperwork) without a bonus, they are less likely to do it again. By targeting specific actions, your employees will feel invested in your business. This investment leads to more clients and increased employee productivity.

Managing and maximizing your drivers benefits your company in a number of ways. Most importantly, it shows your employees that you value outstanding work. Portable restroom operators who implement incentive programs know that it helps retain employees, prevent accidents, and increase profits. It’s often the difference between a happy employee and a disgruntled one. By taking these steps, you’re encouraging employees to go above and beyond in their job.


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