Watch This Portable Toilet Fly
Watch This Portable Toilet Fly!
August 14, 2017
Marketing and Sales Tips for Your Business
Marketing and Sales Tips for Your Business
August 14, 2017
How to Get the Most Out of Your Employees

In any industry, your success depends on the success of your employees, plain and simple. Thoughtful managers and well-qualified, hardworking employees make up the recipe for a business that will grow and prosper.

So, why do so many businesses fail when they seem to have exactly what it takes to succeed?

Most likely, the answer lies in not getting the most out of employees. An employee might show up, but are they willing to put in overtime? Accept the weekend job? Work during long, hot summer months without complaint?

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, it is time to take a step back and evaluate your management style, business approach, training, and employee incentives to ensure you can succeed.

Give Employees Individualized Incentives

Employees who feel like they are taken care of will often go the extra mile to succeed within a business. Providing incentives is a great way to get the most out of employees, especially those who are representing themselves as committed leaders within the industry.

Incentives don’t just have to be of monetary value or the same for each employee. Some employees will respond to monetary incentives while others are driven by respect, responsibility or praise. At times, the incentive of knowing you are receiving praise or respect for a job well done will propel motivation and team spirit.

Provide a Probationary Period for New Employees

Not every new hire is going to work out exactly as you envisioned. In some cases, an employee might believe they are capable of performing tank changes, accepting weekend hours and complying with some of the dirty aspects of working in the portable restroom rental industry, but that can all change. It is important to have steps in place to make sure a new hire is ready and able to perform necessary duties to meet and exceed industry standards.

A probationary period of anywhere between 30-45 days with a standard review at the end ensures each party is held responsible for individual work ethic. At the end of a probationary period, and with a positive review, the employee is able to receive a bonus or salary increase.

Some employers offer a salary increase after one year of work with the opportunity to receive benefits like a 401k, and after 3 months an employee is eligible for health insurance bonuses.

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Other Tactics and Methods Used to Promote Employee Productivity

Incentives, probationary periods and the opportunity to receive benefits from an employer are all great ways to receive optimum performance from employees. Here are a few other ways specific to the portable restroom rental industry that will benefit businesses and their employees.

  • Positive feedback reward: If an employee receives positive feedback from a customer, event or service, offer an opportunity for company recognition or offer a monetary incentive for your employees.
  • Provide a safety bonus for employees who have remained incident- or accident-free for over 60 days.
  • Give employees attendance bonuses for showing up on time, accepting weekend events or jobs during “off-hours.”
  • After-hours responsibility reward: Some portable restroom rental companies hire after-hours employees to field emergency calls from customers with short- or long-term rentals. If an employee regularly accepts an after-hours call, provide an incentive or reward for going the extra mile.
  • Notice and acknowledge employees who regularly look sharp in their uniform and take care of their truck and equipment. They should receive acknowledgment or an incentive.
  • Put on an annual barbecue for your employees to unify the team, get to know their families and show your appreciation for a rewarding year, event or month!

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