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April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018
Building Company Morale

Every company across every industry faces the challenge of building and maintaining morale. How they deal with this challenge directly impacts their business’s long-term success.

Having happy and willing workers is key. While some bosses may fret over how to achieve this, introducing simple morale-boosting measures can ensure your staff looks forward to coming into work. We have put together expertise from the portable restroom industry and other fields to bring you some tips on building company morale.

Avoid High Turnover in Staff

High turnover in staff is perhaps the greatest cause of low morale in any industry. While every company experiences turnover, it is crucial yours does not become known as a place where employees don’t stick around for long. If you can ensure employee longevity, new hires will not only have experienced colleagues to help train them, they’ll be more motivated, too. Incentives make great motivators, and increasing salaries or introducing benefits after milestones, like an employee’s 1-year anniversary of employment, can foster an environment where loyalty is valued.

Promote from Within & Introduce Referrals

Building a knowledgeable team is important, as expertise can be passed down through the ranks. Reward the best workers with promotions and show your employees that hard work pays off. Referral programs, where current employees can refer friends or family for open positions, are a wonderful way of boosting morale. Give any employees who refer a successful new hire a cash or gift card incentive.

Recognize Good Work

There are many ways a worker can excel in their job, and acknowledging this is extremely important for morale. Share positive feedback from customers; praise cleanliness and sharpness of uniforms, trucks, and equipment; reward consistent punctuality, high attendance, working off-hours, and taking weekend jobs and emergency call-outs. We all like to be told when we’ve done a good job. Monetary incentives or clearly delivered acknowledgment will help promote positivity.

Safety Leads to Happiness

In the portable restroom industry, employees want to feel safe and looked after. We highly recommend conducting monthly safety meetings to check in with your help. This not only assures your team that you’re concerned about their safety, but also gives them the opportunity to have their voices and feedback heard. Bringing coffee and donuts to these occasions is a nice touch. You could also go the extra mile by introducing safety bonuses for workers who are accident- or incident-free over a period. Other appreciated little touches are laundering uniforms and always providing plenty of quality supplies, like gloves, dollies, and rags.

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Hang Out Outside of Work

It’s important your employees feel valued not only as workers, but as people. Summers can be especially hard on portable restroom employees, with long, hot days taking their toll. Use these opportunities to organize barbeques or picnics, even inviting workers’ families if you wish. Another option is grilling up some burgers and brats on-site for when the help is returning from routes. Some companies like to arrange regular group activities – casual meet-ups such as monthly dinners allow friendships and teamwork to grow.

Make Feedback Known

After an event or job, ask your customers for feedback. Pass this onto the relevant employees or publicize it for the whole staff by hanging stellar testimonials in the breakroom.

There are so many ways to build company morale. Whatever you end up doing, the bottom line is: If you invest in your employees, they will invest in you!


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