Why You Should Seriously Consider Starting a Portable Restroom Business

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Why You Should Seriously Consider Starting a Portable Restroom Business

There’s never been a better time to start your own business. Since 2013, startups have been growing at a rapid rate in the United States. More and more people are deciding to become their own bosses and more customers are choosing to buy from small businesses.

This is true in the portable restroom industry also, with more entrepreneurs being enticed to work in sanitation. If you’re considering starting your own portable restroom business, we’ve got some positive reasons that might convince you to do so.

There’s Money to Be Made

It might not be common knowledge, but the portable restroom industry is a lucrative field. Not everyone is rushing out to do this kind of work, and festivals, companies, and government organizations will pay a lot of money to have someone provide and remove toilets for them. Demand is high, meaning you can take home plenty of cash.

Relatively Easy and Cheap Setup

Compared to, say, the construction industry, the setup for a portable restroom operator (PRO) is quite easy and cheap. For one, you don’t need a lot of employees to get going – if you’ll be operating in your local area, you could potentially do it yourself or make it work with just a couple employees. Also, you won’t need a ton of equipment in the beginning. Check out our start-up checklist to see what you’ll need.

You’ll Be Providing a Valuable Service

The service a PRO provides to its community should not be underestimated. Without us, festivals and construction projects couldn’t go ahead. We work weddings, conferences, and even emergencies and disasters. You’ll get a strong sense of pride and job fulfillment working in this industry. You’ll really feel appreciated and that you’re giving back. Many PROs have become deeply embedded in their communities, gotten to know other businesses, charities, and organizations, and made strong connections and lifelong friendships.

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You Get to Be Your Own Boss

This comes with responsibility, of course, which is why it isn’t for everyone. Yet, if you’re a leader, the kind of person who likes to have financial independence and work on their own terms, you’ll love being your own boss. You will also have hiring power at your company, meaning you can pick your colleagues and build a team of loyal, hard-working people who are invested in helping your business grow.

Sense of Accomplishment

Ask other small business owners how it feels to build a company from the ground up. They will tell you that there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment you get seeing your hard work pay off and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Ready to get started? There’s no time like the present! With the portable restroom rental industry booming, there’s high demand for dedicated, passionate business owners. For more information, check out our steps to starting a PRO, or for an even more in-depth overview, register for a free membership or log in and read our JohnTalk Startup Guide in the JohnTalk Vault.

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Thinking About GETTING INTO the Portable Restroom Industry? Download our FREE Guide: “Your Guide to Starting A Portable Restroom Business.”

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