Why You Should Hire Military Veterans to Work for You

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March 11, 2019
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March 18, 2019
Why You Should Hire Military Veterans to Work for You

With a tight labor market and concerns about finding the right people for the job, increasingly portable restroom operators turn to military veterans. These capable patriots understand the benefits of teamwork, often demonstrate leadership skills, and have a get-it-done attitude that benefits business. Plus, you may find a few veterans out there who’ve already cleaned, repaired, and certainly used a portable restroom while in the services. If you have the opportunity to work with a military veteran, you’ll discover how a stint in the armed forces creates a loyal team member.

Quick Learners That Adapt to the Job at Hand

Military veterans think on their feet. Their training and service require them to learn and apply new concepts continually. As an employee, you’ll find that former service members take a new job in stride. From learning how to repair a unit to unloading at a tricky location, veterans don’t balk at following instructions. However, when required to make a split-second decision, whether that’s to prevent an accident or call in backup for an upset customer, their steadfast reliability is a bonus to your team.

Not Afraid of a Structured Process

New hires often struggle with doing it “your” way. This leads to tension if left unresolved. On the other hand, military veterans respect a tested process. That checklist and high standards for cleaning that others balk over? A vet takes instructions in stride and makes it work. You’ll find that not only will they help you stick to a plan, but they’ll guide others along the way.

Leaders Who Excel in Teamwork

Putting a value on the benefits of teamwork is difficult. From helping each other out in the yard to picking up a shift to cover a co-worker, cooperation between employees benefits your portable restroom business. By investing in a military veteran, you’re securing a valuable team member that keeps operations running smoothly. You’ll find that they help co-workers in a bind and aren’t afraid to step up when the time calls. Their focus and dedication encourage others to adjust their attitudes, which is an asset in the workplace.

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Mission-Focused Communicators

As a portable restroom operator, you spend a lot of your time working alone. Your team is busy in the shop or hauling toilets across the county. When you hire a veteran, you get someone who’s willing to treat your goals as their own. This mutual partnership benefits you because military veterans won’t keep you in the dark. If there’s a problem, whether that’s related to a customer or another employee, former service members provide feedback and collaborate on solutions. Give them a goal, and they’ll deliver results.

When it comes time to make your next hire, keep your eye out for service members looking to readjust to civilian life. By offering stability, transition time, and thorough training, your portable restroom company provides a military vet with a much-needed job. In return, you and your team will work with someone who values structured teamwork but isn’t afraid to jump in to fix a problem without being asked.

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