Buying, Selling or Keeping Your Business Show Me Your EBITDA!
Buying, Selling or Keeping Your Business? Show Me Your EBITDA!
September 3, 2018
Staffing Special Events From Start to Finish
Staffing Special Events: From Start to Finish
September 10, 2018
Ways to Track Your Inventory

If you’re a PRO relying on your memory to stock essentials or check sheets to track assets, then ask yourself if other options, both free and paid services, low-tech and modern, could add value to your portable restroom operation.

Successful portable restroom operators view inventory tracking as an essential step in growing their business. Recordkeeping methods vary by company. However, the purpose remains the same: increase revenue by knowing the status of your assets. The ability to track inventory and assess needs helps you effectively communicate with customers and staff. With a wide array of ways to track inventory available, getting started is simple.

Begin with the Basics

Detailed inventory tracking covers consumable supplies and replacement parts while offering real-time data on the status and location of every asset. With so many options offered, PROs use traditional techniques along with innovative ways to track inventory.

Your inventory requirements may be as low-tech as using numbered metal plates and standard check sheets. However, PROs also utilize free QR readers and print inventory stickers for asset tracking. As inventory grows, business owners look to industry-specific apps and portable sanitation software for in-depth reports that guide routes and decision-making.

Mobile Apps and QR codes

Many portable restroom operators have embraced the technology of smartphone applications to manage inventory. Most employees are familiar with mobile devices and are comfortable using apps. This technology provides an instant look at the status of your units. Employees scan barcodes, take photos, and provide real-time feedback on inventory. Plenty of options exist, from free QR scanners that scan info into an excel database to mobile apps that track your list in one asset management system.

A company like Slate Pages combines unique asset tracking software and mobile app with customer “slates,” which come as anodized aluminum, stickers, or an emailed JPEG. Slate Pages smart asset tags provide relevant information including location and photos.

Other companies, like Fulcrum Mobile Solutions, offer apps that integrate with your current barcodes or smart tags. Sticking with an existing method that works while adding in an automated process to keep tabs on portable restroom units is a fantastic way to track inventory.

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Inventory Management Software

Asset management systems offer a thoroughly ingrained service with desktop and smart device capabilities. Benefits of in-depth software include the ability to run detailed reports and determine areas of need and potential revenue growth. Industry favorites include:

Each of these three inventory software options offers cloud-based services so that you can address customer needs, view maintenance records, and plan for profitable growth.

With a variety of ways to track inventory, operators look for processes that keep employees updated on the location and availability of units. Access to real-time information allows the PRO to respond to clients and staff quickly while staying aware of budget and growth concerns. Whether you rely on traditional methods like inventory check sheets or use technology to simplify things, tracking inventory is crucial to long-term growth.


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