How to Monitor the Quality of Your Service Technicians’ Work
How to Monitor the Quality of Your Service Technicians’ Work
July 15, 2019
Succeeding with Special Events
Succeeding with Special Events
July 29, 2019

Portable restroom operators need properly functioning equipment to stay on schedule and get the job done. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for little issues to pop up once in a while. For these common equipment problems, preparation is key.

This infographic lists some of the most common equipment problems PROs face on the job, along with potential solutions. Hopefully, these tips will help you get back on track quickly.

How to Deal with Common Equipment Problems

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How to Deal with Common Equipment Problems

Problem: Clogged Hose


  • Reverse the pressure to blow out the clog
  • Cut the hose to remove the clog, then use duct tape to repair the hose as a short-term fix

Problem: Torn Hose


  • For small tears, repair with duct tape as a short-term fix
  • For large tears, repair with hose repair kit

Problem: Clogged Pump


  • Flush the pump with the manufacturer-provided flush kit

Problem: Overheated Pump


  • Check oil level and add oil if necessary
  • Relieve vacuum or pressure after loading or unloading
  • Make sure relief valves are properly set
  • Adjust RPM setting
  • Clean pump
  • Check for leaks, plugged oil line or filter, and malfunctioning components

Problem: No Vacuum


  • Check valve for correct positioning
  • Check for leaks in the tank
  • Clean valve and/or filter
  • Adjust RPM setting
  • Replace non-return valve
  • Replace rotary vanes

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