How to Monitor the Quality of Your Service Technicians’ Work

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How to Monitor the Quality of Your Service Technicians’ Work

Your service techs’ ability to communicate, clean, repair, and follow safe processes are crucial to the integrity of your company. Employees who fail to adhere to your policies not only hurt the customer experience but also may pose a danger to other staff or clients. While no one wants to spy on their staff, having checks and balances benefits your bottom line. Monitor the quality of your service technicians’ work on an ongoing basis to ensure that your team meets and exceeds your standards.

Watch Your Service Technicians on the Job

Nothing beats good, old-fashioned awareness of what your staff is doing. As a PRO, you don’t need to hang over your service techs every movement, but paying attention to how they do things helps you recognize when something is off.

Do a ride-along with service techs. Hop in the truck with your techs occasionally. This allows you to see how they interact with customers, follow procedures for setting up or cleaning units, and report essential information back to the home office.

Interact with techs while they complete maintenance tasks. Pay attention to how your techs approach various repairs and scheduled maintenance. Not only are you looking for a deviation from your process, but also for any areas where they may benefit from additional guidance.

Review Portable Restroom Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are an excellent way to monitor the quality of your service technicians’ work. Include questions regarding the customer’s experience with cleanliness of units and any interactions with staff. Leave room for comments so that your clients can provide further feedback.

  • Talk to your team about the survey. Let them know that what they do (or don’t do) may be rated by the customer.
  • If you notice a common complaint, review the information with your techs, and work together to find a solution.

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Develop a Random or Secret Inspection Schedule

It’s natural to do your best work when the boss is watching. That’s why it’s important to include random or secret inspections in your process of monitoring. To help portable restroom staff get behind the idea of spot checks, create incentives to reward service techs who pass random or secret inspections. A gift card to a local restaurant or gas station is a pleasant surprise for a job well done.

Create Checklists to Ensure the Quality of Work

From safety procedures to preventative maintenance, a precise method keeps your staff safe and upholds your reputation. Share your tried and true process with your team and insist that service techs follow it regardless of the circumstances. Plus, with a checklist, you’ll avoid problems with customers who say you didn’t clean their unit!

Each time a service tech heads out on the road, they are representing your portable restroom company. The goal of any portable restroom operator is to have a well-trained team of professionals that values a job well done. By monitoring your staff, you’ll encourage them and ensure quality work.

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