Working After Hours & Handling Emergencies
Working After Hours and Handling Emergencies
May 28, 2018
Spreading the Truth About the Portable Restroom Industry
Spreading the Truth About the Portable Restroom Industry
June 4, 2018

A good way to promote your portable restroom rental business is to get involved in your community. PROs have made themselves more visible by putting themselves in front of residents at local fairs and area events. These settings provide great opportunities for fun fundraising activities — whether it’s supporting local clubs/teams, raising money for charity or simply adding some extra income. Keep in mind that people may be more willing to participate if they know their money is going to a local group or charity, and the publicity your company will get for helping others can help you gain more business in the long run. Support the community, and the community will support you.

Here are a few fun fundraising ideas you can try:

Fun Fundraising Ideas

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Fun Fundraising Ideas

  • Golf Ball Chipping Game — Have participants try to chip a golf ball into a toilet tank to win a prize.
  • How Many People Can You Fit Into a Unit? — Bring the #PortaPottyChallenge to your community. The team that can fit the most people into a unit wins. We suggest using an older unit because it could get damaged as people cram in.
  • How Many Items Are in the Unit? — Fill a unit with some kind of item: toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls… whatever. Then, have people buy chances to guess how many items are in there. Closest guess wins a prize.
  • Guess the Weight of the Unit — The unit can be empty or filled with something (keep it clean). People buy chances to guess how much the unit weighs. Closest guess wins a prize.
  • Spot-a-Potty Competition — Sponsor a contest to have people submit photos of strange places where they’ve seen portable toilets. Your company or the community can vote for the winner.
  • Toilet Paper Unrolling Competition — Depending on the space and supplies available, participants can go one-on-one or against a group of people to see who can finish unrolling the toilet paper the fastest.
  • “Business Decoration” for Charity — Ideal for community or charity fundraising, this fundraiser involves placing a portable toilet in front of an area business and leaving it there until the business donates to have it removed. Once they donate, they can choose where the unit should get placed next.
  • Paint-a-Potty — Local artists or groups donate to be able to paint units and have them displayed around the area.

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