How to Find Time for Yourself
How to Find Time for Yourself
May 28, 2018
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June 4, 2018
Working After Hours & Handling Emergencies

For PROs already working long hours, the busy season requires an extra level of stamina. This uptick in business keeps the portable restroom operator and employees swamped with work. Service calls line up, and emergencies occur with the PRO running from one client to the next. Preparing mentally, while knowing your physical limits helps you create systems that keep employees, clients, and prospects happy. Proper planning protects your reputation and financially benefits your company.

Mentally Prepare for Long Hours

Being up early and working late, often seven days a week, wears on the PRO. Focus on the big picture by having a plan. Inform family and friends that you have limited availability during this time and may need extra support. Head into the busy season with a mindset of creating opportunity and future profit, instead of dread.

Know Your Physical Limits

Often, a PRO doesn’t pay himself time and a half, and they do the bulk of overtime work. Overtired owner-operators and employees cause accidents. One mistake could cost you equipment, a client, or a life. Plan for who will back you up, and budget for cases when you can’t do the job yourself. Paying attention to your physical limits helps you obey the rules of the road, be more conscientious of DOT hour limits, and prevents future hassles.

Establish Plans for Emergencies

Don’t let an emergency hurt your reputation. Emergencies come in all forms, from a truck breaking down to stolen equipment. How will you handle new business requests after hours? You’ll need to give a quote, do paperwork, and provide service. What’s your process for emergencies, like a truck stuck in the mud or a blown hose? What happens if you’re running low on units or drivers? Think about the different types of emergencies and after hours calls you receive. Have a plan in place with clear solutions.

Communicate with Current and Future Clients

Whether it’s a frantic call from a prospect who didn’t account for extra restroom needs or an emergency during a client’s event, be ready to act. Express understanding of their issue, then look at your options. If you’re booked and unable to help them, consider sharing information on other solutions or local services.

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Inform Employees About After Hours and Emergency Processes

Convey your expectations to employees involved in after hours and emergency response. Decide who covers various shifts and go over company policies. When faced with an emergency, employees should know who to call and what systems to follow.

Working long hours comes with the industry, but certain times of the year are hairier than others. Protect your company with a positive mindset and clear employee expectations. Keep the tools on hand to provide quotes and emergency services. If you do most of the overtime yourself, then have a support system and backup plan in place. Prepare for long hours and emergencies by having a strategy. Instead of merely surviving the busy season, you’ll build your reputation and grow your business.


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