ELD Mandate What Does It Mean For You
The ELD Mandate: What Does It Mean for You?
April 23, 2018
Building Company Morale
Building Company Morale
April 27, 2018
How to Create a Better Business Tagline

How important is it to have a business tagline? It’s a difficult question to answer when you consider that not all businesses have a tagline, but many successful ones do. On the one hand, a tagline perceived as “bad” by potential customers for whatever reason can be damaging to your portable sanitation business and make you wish you didn’t have one at all. On the other hand, a positively perceived tagline can make your business stand out from competing portable restroom rental companies and lead to increased requests for your service. Bottom line, if you’re going to have a tagline, make sure it’s good. This article provides tips on how to create a better business tagline.

Put the Spotlight on What Makes Your Business Unique

The most important factor for a business tagline is that it serves a purpose. That purpose is providing a quick snapshot of your unique selling propositions (USPs). How can you quickly identify what makes your business unique? An article by Forbes said you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the ultimate benefit I want my customers to gain?
  • How will my product make my customer’s life better?
  • Why is my business better than my competition’s?

Once you have identified your USPs, you can choose the top one or two to focus on in the development of your tagline. For example, PolyJohn’s tagline “There When You Need Us” defines the company’s culture and speaks to the service they provide to both their customers and end users. Your tagline could also be product-based. If you know you offer more unit colors than any of your competitors and that appeals to customers, incorporate that into your tagline. Something like, “Any Unit Color for Any Need.” Also, if you have an existing tagline and know of a competitor in your area that uses the same one or one that is very similar, that’s a problem.

Make Your Tagline Memorable

Business names can easily be forgotten by potential customers who aren’t exposed to them frequently. In the same way, taglines can be forgotten if they are too plain. The window to get a potential customer’s attention may be small, so it’s important that your tagline is short but sticks with them. Think about the taglines “Just Do It,” “I’m Lovin’ It” and “Finger Lickin’ Good.” You were probably able to quickly associate them with Nike, McDonald’s and KFC because they are memorable.

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Don’t Try to Be Too Clever

While it’s important for your business tagline to be memorable, avoid the temptation to be too over the top. Taglines are intended to be functional, which they won’t be if too much focus is placed on the memorability aspect. A humorous tagline will be remembered, but if it’s only funny and doesn’t tell people much about what makes your business unique, it’s not serving its purpose.

Reflect the Personality of Your Business

No two businesses are exactly the same, even if they operate within the same industry. Your business tagline should reflect your personality. If your business culture is one based on relationships, your tagline should have a friendly, personable tone. If you’re “nose to the grindstone” and all business all the time, your tagline should have a firm, no-nonsense tone. Simply put, your tagline should seamlessly fit within your overall brand and help people begin to understand what your business is all about.


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