Using the Web and Social Media to Promote Your Business
Using the Web and Social Media to Promote Your Business
September 28, 2020
Porta-Potty Safety During the Pandemic
Q&A: Porta-Potty Safety During the Pandemic
October 8, 2020
Do Trailers Have a Place Outside of Special Events

Some PROs are reluctant to invest in trailers as they have been seen as exclusively suiting high-end events such as weddings, boutique festivals, and film sets. But is that true anymore?

With the landscape changing drastically in recent times, we look at other uses for trailers now and going forward.

The Move to More Outdoor Events

Because of the dangers of COVID-19, a huge number of indoor events are canceled for the foreseeable future. But as restrictions begin to ease, outdoor events have seen an increase.

Whereas before, outdoor events were usually high-end or special events, we’re seeing an uptick in smaller events that would have been held indoors move outside. With this comes a higher demand for restroom trailers over standard portable restroom units.

Why Are Trailers In Demand Right Now?

The answer is because sanitation and ventilation have become all-important and trailers offer better options in these areas.

With flushing toilets, ventilation to keep the air recycled, sinks for handwashing, and other extra features, trailers are much more equipped to prevent germs and viruses from spreading. That means they’re more in line with CDC guidelines for gatherings and will give users a lot more peace of mind, especially in the current climate.

Beyond the pandemic, more and more events will be shifting to outdoors, too, so investing in trailers now may be wise for the future.

For more on the features you can get, read our article here and see our infographic here.

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What Kind of Events Need Trailers?

Until recently, big events like food and cultural festivals, concerts, and weddings were what enticed PROs to add trailers to their fleets. Now, however, they are seeing demand for them from much smaller events like farmers’ markets, drive-in movie theaters, and picnics. A lot of construction sites are making the transition to trailers, too. Why not ask around and see?

State bodies may be looking for them instead of units to put in parks, on trail and hiking routes, and anywhere people might be exercising or gathering outdoors.

Relief efforts like flood and wildfire responses might be another area where trailers are now in demand. Contact your local authorities or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to see if they need your services and whether they’re looking for trailers. For more on how to get involved in this type of emergency work, click here.

Choosing Trailers

Make sure you shop around first. You may want to consider adding some basic, low-end trailers to your fleet for simpler situations while investing in some luxury versions for high-end events.

There are great companies out there that specialize in a wide range of trailers, such as NuConcepts, Ameri-Can, Comforts of Home, Explorer, JAG, Portable Restroom Trailers, A Restroom Trailer, and Rich Restrooms, among many others. Finally, for more tips on selecting a trailer, check out our article here.

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