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August 13, 2018
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August 20, 2018
Common Equipment Problems & How to Deal with Them

The portable restroom industry relies on heavy-duty equipment for consistent and reliable performance. However, even well-maintained property wears out. A truck that won’t start or a pump that won’t vacuum puts you behind schedule and hurts your productivity. When a problem arises, it’s crucial to have the tools, parts, and knowledge needed to repair or replace the equipment.

Diagnose Issues with Your Trucks

PROs need their portable sanitation service trucks running and in excellent working condition. While focusing on regular maintenance is a must, it’s also essential to recognize potential problems. Make sure your employees are familiar with your truck models. They should be able to complete simple diagnostics for electrical issues and assess noise and vibration.

Common equipment problems:

  • Non-working tail lights
  • Trailer light adapter not working
  • Switches and relays going out
  • Blown breakers
  • Worn drive belt or improper tension
  • Bearings, like idler or tensioner, going out

Truck issues result in lost time for drivers and overtime for PROs. Make sure you and your staff maintain, recognize issues, and learn how to resolve fundamental equipment problems.

Simple Repairs for the Vacuum Pumping System

The pump on your truck tends to fail at the most inopportune times. Keep necessary supplies on hand to address issues as they arise. Eliminate lost time by stocking all vehicles with a spare hose and training drivers on how to clear clogged lines while at the customer’s site.

Common equipment problems:

  • Worn pump vanes or seals
  • End couplers on hose tearing out
  • Holes or kinks developing in the hose

Experts recommend keeping rebuild kits on hand for each type of pump you use. Your shop should have hose repair kits and the proper tools to service your equipment.

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Small Parts Save Time on Portable Toilet Repair

Portable restroom units take a beating, with door springs and handles being things that can potentially go bad. Whether it’s usual wear and tear or overuse and abuse, assess the problem and use spare parts to make repairs both at the client’s site and in the shop.

Common Equipment Problems:

  • Worn out handles and door springs
  • Damaged urinals requiring replacing
  • Worn or damaged skids

Avoid downtime and efficiently service your portable restroom units by keeping spare urinals, screens, rivets, and door springs on hand.

Let the Professionals Handle the Major Issues

Unless you have certified welders or mechanics in your employment, certain repairs mean you’ll need a professional. Portable restroom operators with a well-trained staff can handle gearbox issues but may not be equipped to handle a problem with the driveline. Choose your services accordingly so you don’t make an equipment dilemma worse.

Common equipment problems:

  • Tank repair or replacement
  • Baffle repair or replacement
  • PTO and driveline issues

While the portable sanitation industry uses tough equipment that’s built to withstand plenty of use and abuse, problems still surface. Having the proper supplies on hand and workers who know how to diagnose and repair is critical. Avoid lost time and keep clients satisfied by being prepared to fix general issues and get your drivers back on the road.


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