Knowing the Value of Your Company
Knowing the Value of Your Company
May 28, 2018
Working After Hours & Handling Emergencies
Working After Hours and Handling Emergencies
May 28, 2018
How to Find Time for Yourself

As a business owner, it’s difficult to find time for yourself, especially in the portable restroom industry where days and weeks can be long and grueling.

However, it’s so important not only for you, but for your business, that you take time off. In fact, one of the main reasons startups fail is that the owner or entrepreneur gets worn out due to overwork or simply because they didn’t manage their time well.

That’s why we’ve put together some tips that might help you find time to relax, recuperate, and in the long run, be more productive.

Delegate Tasks to Someone Trusted or Trained

A great idea is training a supervisor to take on some of your responsibilities. For example, how many of us still take phone calls or check emails when we’ve clocked out for the day? Why not train someone to answer these so you’re not tied to your phone or laptop? Be available for emergencies only. Taking time off doesn’t mean working from home!

Another top suggestion is to implement online ordering, payment, and availability requests. If customers can look at a clearly laid-out schedule, for example, of when you are available they can take their time making decisions and compare it with their own events calendar. If you set something like this up, clients will make more informed decisions and save you going back-and-forth via phone or email.

Reorganize Your Schedule and Maximize Your Time

Wasting time and procrastinating on the job — these can cause as much fatigue as work itself. When you’re at work, make sure you’re using your time efficiently. This may mean reorganizing some things.

Space your schedule out, plan meetings and events well, or hire someone to help you do so, instead of piling everything on top of you at once.

Instead of checking and responding to emails as they come in, save a certain time or times in the day and do it all at once.

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Make Your Closing Time Known

These days, it can seem like customers and clients expect you to always be available. Yet people will only hold you to your own promises. Make sure it is clear on your building and/or website what your business hours are so people will know for sure when you’re closed.

Why not invest in an automated messaging system that clearly informs people when you’re closed and allows them to leave a message? If you set reasonable expectations, most clients will completely understand. It’s when a business says it’s open and isn’t, or people are left with a never-ending dial tone, that they get irritated.

Find the Right Work-Life Balance

This is crucial. Don’t let work become your entire life. Finding the right balance between leisure time and work is vital for your physical and mental health. Don’t get burned-out or overstressed. Plan some weekends where you do nothing work-related — don’t check emails or bid on any events — and unwind or take a vacation.

You’ll come back rejuvenated, happier, and more productive. It’s tough to find time for yourself in this business, but remember that later in life, one of the top regrets people have is that they worked too much. Taking time off not only helps you in the long run, it’s been proven that it’s a key factor in the making of the most successful entrepreneurs!


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