Portable Restroom Branding & Marketing Checklist
INFOGRAPHIC: Portable Restroom Branding & Marketing Checklist
August 12, 2017
Planning & Executing Special Events
Planning and Executing Special Events
August 13, 2017

When your workload becomes too much to handle alone, you’ll need to find an employee to help you out at your portable restroom rental business. Where are the best places to look for employees? Here is a look at the options.

Where to Look for Employees

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Where to Look for Employees

Online Job Boards

There are numerous online job boards that companies use to find employees. Among the most popular are Indeed, Monster & CareerBuilder.

Pros: You have the potential to reach thousands of candidates (many of them qualified), and the online management process makes it easy to stay organized.

Cons: It is fairly expensive to post a job opening for a month on Monster & CareerBuilder. Indeed has both free and paid options, but free listings get buried behind the paid ones in the search results. Candidates may come from farther away and have to relocate.


Craigslist is similar to an online job board in that you can advertise a job opening. The difference is that it is a classified ad website, so it includes categories other than jobs.

Pros: It’s a more affordable option, and chances are that more of the applicants will be from the local area. You’re more likely to find hardworking, blue collar individuals.

Cons: You may have to deal with spam. Also, you’ll likely have to be more diligent with your assessment of applicants, as some may have character issues.


You can advertise locally in the “Help Wanted” section of newspapers or to a very relevant audience in an industry publication like Pumper Magazine or PRO Monthly.

Pros: It’s an affordable way to get your job opening in front of locals and people with an interest and knowledge in the industry.

Cons: Your candidate pool may be more limited, and print media isn’t as popular as it used to be. Your ad could get overlooked or quickly discarded.


If you have a company Facebook page, you can create a post to let people know you’re looking for help.

Pros: It’s free advertising, and you can find relevant groups to reach the right kind of candidates.

Cons: The number of people who “like” your page might be limited, and your post could get overlooked or become lost in the shuffle quickly. Even if your post does get noticed by a lot of people, there is no guarantee they will respond to it.

Your Website

If you have a company website (which you should), post an announcement on your homepage or news/blog section.

Pros: Like Facebook, it’s free advertising.

Cons: Like Facebook, your audience could be limited. In addition, it can be a time-consuming process to edit your website if you’re not proficient in that area. Plus, there is the added challenge that the job listing needs to stand out in an area of the site where people can easily find it. It may be necessary to pay a web developer to post it for you.

Your Own Social Circle

Many businesses in the industry are family businesses. Let family and friends know that you have a job opening and see if anyone would be interested in working with you.

Pros: It’s free, and you will know the new employee very well.

Cons: It can be tempting to hire someone just because you know them and overlook shortcomings that prevent them from doing a good job. It can also be difficult for some people to maintain good relationships when they work with family or friends.

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