Where to Look for Employees
INFOGRAPHIC: Where to Look for Employees
August 12, 2017
Emergency & Backup Planning
Emergency and Backup Planning
August 13, 2017
Planning & Executing Special Events

Special events are incredibly important to a company, small or large, operating within the portable restroom rental industry. Not only is it a time to get the company’s brand out and visible to the public, but it is a chance to flex the muscles of the business to show how different the company is and how well it operates, regardless of how large and small the events are. It should also go without saying that once an event organizer has a great experience with the restroom rental company, the likelihood for repeat business is extremely high.

To get the most out of the event your portable restroom rental company has been hired for, there are important steps in both planning and executing that should be considered before delivering units to a site.

Different Types of Special Events Require Different Prep and Execution

The first step after booking a special event is to thoroughly understand the event. Different events dictate different prep work, and you’ll need to prepare your crew for the servicing rules, regulations, scheduled maintenance and code of conduct before the initial drop off.

Concerts, music festivals, sporting events and food and wine expos with high foot traffic will probably need more units depending on the expected attendance. When speaking to the event staff, get a rough estimate of the crowd they expect and divvy out your units so there will be appropriate accommodations for the specified group attending the event. During this initial consultation, you or an employee will have the chance to offer add-ons and upsells to the client or event coordinator, as well as talk about the layout of the event and where units will be easy to access for the crowd or group of users.

Whether you are consulting or an employee, be sure to hit on wheelchair-accessible units, the potential add-on for insurance, extra servicing and tank maintenance if there is high foot traffic expected and certainly providing enough variety within the units depending on the crowd. A high-end food and wine expo will warrant luxury bathrooms in a VIP section, whereas a heavy metal concert will most likely use standard units. Properly training your staff to recognize openings for these extra pieces will make you more money and enhance the customer’s experience.

Corporate events, seminars, conferences, team-building events, tradeshows, graduation parties, birthday parties, weddings and retreats have their own special needs when prepping and executing. If a rental time period spans a few days, make note of service requirements as directed by the event coordinator. Again, here is where you or a staff member will want to take note of the event specifics and offer upsells and add-ons. Determine if the event will need lighting, varied units or an overnight drop-off and prepare an estimate around these specifications.

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Use Your Brand to Your Advantage

One of the most unique aspects of the portable restroom rental industry is the ability of companies to constantly show their brands without excessive advertising and marketing. Your brand should be visible on your T-shirts, hats, trucks and units themselves to display who you are. As such, you will want to ensure your brand is showing up with performance in mind as well. Employees should drop off units on time, service long-term units based on the agreed upon contract, perform tasks with a positive attitude and conduct business with customers with respect and honesty. If your brand is centered on having the best service in the industry, meet and exceed those expectations at every special event.

Train Your Staff

It seems like an obvious point to make, but it is extremely important to train your staff to be able to answer any questions an event planner or coordinator has before, during and after the event has occurred. If there is an issue on-site, it is better to have an employee do their best to resolve the issue then and there as opposed to taking precious time to call around and talk to someone who might have the answer. If you have new employees, go to the first or second event with your staff members to show and tell them what to expect, what questions to ask and how to respond to questions asked of them.

Billing should be upfront and clear before the event takes place. Costs should be visibly laid out and add-ons shouldn’t look or seem hidden. Make sure the contract is signed well before the event and if there is a sudden cancellation you aren’t scrambling because you’ve lost money or aren’t prepared. The goal is to create relationships with event planners and event coordinators! Make sure they feel like they are being well taken care of from start to finish.


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