Foam vs Gel Sanitizer
INFOGRAPHIC: Foam vs. Gel Sanitizer
April 2, 2018
How to Qualify Select Product Suppliers
How to Qualify and Select Product Suppliers
April 9, 2018
Expected Lifetime of Equipment

American businesses run on inventory. In the business of renting portable toilets, your inventory of equipment is the most important asset in your company. How would you make money without your units? Because the equipment in the portable restroom rental industry is so important, you’ll want to have a fleet of units with a long expected lifetime.

Portable Restroom Units

If you are running a porta-potty rental business, you’re in luck. Many portable restroom units can withstand 20-30 years in the field. The portable toilets are generally made out of plastic resins that are engineered to withstand the harshest elements. In addition, many portable restroom manufacturers have integrated design features that help the longevity of the units they produce (i.e. stronger door jambs, springs, corner extrusions, etc.)

If your restrooms do experience any wear and tear or vandalism and need to be repaired, almost every part is replaceable! It is best practice to order replacement parts from the original manufacturer of the restroom. Throughout the lifetime of the unit, you will certainly need to do regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the units looking and smelling their best. Your equipment is truly an investment. One approach PROs can take is to look at the lifetime value of a standard unit. For example, a $450 unit can make you around $90 per month. Take the revenue ($90/month) x 12 x 20 = $21,600 in a lifetime, making one unit an incredible investment! Obviously, you’ve got plenty of other costs associated with running a portable sanitation business, but on the surface, a high-quality portable restroom that is designed to last 20+ years is a great investment!


Another critical piece of equipment in the portable restroom rental industry is the truck. A truck or fleet of trucks are responsible for hauling your units from the yard to their final destination. Most, if not all, of the trucks will need to be equipped with pumps for servicing. Each company will have its own personal preference on the brand of truck used for servicing and hauling units, and it is also important to keep in mind, buying any used vehicle for either job should pass a thorough inspection and be capable of hauling heavy units and servicing equipment. The lifetime of the truck is greatly dependent on the maintenance you perform as well as the style of tank you choose! It would be a great idea to check out our infographic What’s the Best Tank Material? before selecting a set-up that will work for your business goals.

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Other Equipment

Other tools with a lifespan that should extend for more than a year include tools, pressure washers and hoses. These items can last anywhere from 5-10 years or more if they are routinely maintained and used efficiently. Providing tools for trucks and service employees will help put out any maintenance issues quickly. You’ll want to invest in these items for more than one aspect of your business.

Whether you have invested in tools, units or trucks, you’ll want to own items that are reliable and durable. The portable restroom rental industry is a tough and dirty business, and your equipment will go through the ringer a time or two. Make sure when you buy anything for your business it fits the mold of your business best.


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