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October 1, 2018
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October 8, 2018
Understanding Warranty Info

Equipment warranties impact your operation’s financials, and not all warranties are created equal. When buying new units, portable restroom operators consider the purchase price the primary factor. However, experts propose that a good warranty deserves the same consideration as style and price. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suggests that business owners invest similar effort in reviewing all aspects of your purchase. This includes the design, initial cost, unit warranty, and supplier reputation. PROs who compare policies and interpret the fine print are better equipped to make the best purchasing decisions.

Determine If You Need a Full-Coverage or Prorated Warranty

Take into account the long-term value of your assets and how valuation affects your repair cost. Prorated warranties reduce overall coverage. Alternatively, full-coverage policies cover the total amount of replacement parts during the warranty period. Manufacturers with prorated warranties may offer a longer duration of coverage, but payout amounts dwindle as years go on. Compare warranty information by looking at future scenarios.

For example, 30 months down the road when a part on your portable toilet breaks, your replacement cost varies between policies. You’ll find prorated warranties only cover a percentage of your actual cost, such as 75% at 30-months. Whereas, full-coverage warranties pay out at 100%. Take your financials into consideration. Can your portable restroom operation afford to cover 25-90% of the replacement price under a prorated warranty?

Review Coverage and Limits

Read the policy information and determine what your warranty includes and excludes. Warranties on portable restroom units vary. Small items like flushing units may offer a 90-day limited warranty, while manufacturers cover major plastic components for a longer span of time. Each policy provides information on the types of parts included, how to request coverage, and what documentation you’ll need. The fine print includes specific non-covered parts and may exclude problems relating to subpar maintenance.

PROs protect their businesses by looking closely at warranty information before purchasing portable restroom units. No one wants to hit a snag years down the road by not having proper documentation or realizing a part isn’t covered.

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Understand How Reputation Affects Warranty Information

A prime component of warranty coverage is future communication and availability of replacement parts. A portable restroom supplier with a solid reputation in the industry offers a long-term relationship when it comes to your portable toilets and accessories. A warranty is a guarantee, so it makes sense to trust the manufacturers supplying your equipment.

A warranty isn’t useful if the company you purchase units from goes out of business. When looking at warranties, double-check your supplier’s commitment and instructions for requesting warrantied parts. Then, contact each company on your list. Companies that are responsive to emails and phone calls are more likely to handle your warranty problems efficiently. Responsive service puts your unit back in rotation quickly. A higher initial cost pays off when your supplier gets you the parts you need without hassle.

Understanding what your warranty covers is crucial. Your coverage (or lack of) has long-term financial implications. PROs face lost income from downtime on a broken unit. Avoid significant future expenses by reviewing warranty information before purchasing new equipment. Knowing whom you’re doing business with, along with your coverage conditions, limits, and cost of replacement parts prepares your business for unforeseen circumstances down the road.


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