Special Events: Should We Expect an Increase This Summer?

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February 1, 2021
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Special Events Should We Expect an Increase This Summer

With a near-complete halt to all special events in 2020, portable restroom operators are unsure what to expect in the coming months. Will virus mitigation measures dissuade event planners from hosting large conferences or festivals? Or, can the vaccine rollout provide enough stability to go forward with popular indoor and outdoor activities?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t clear-cut. For small business owners prepping for peak season, it can be tough to decide when to add more toilets to your inventory or when to take a wait-and-see approach. Learn what to expect this event season and how to prepare for the unknown.

Summertime Special Events: What to Expect

Although the event industry had high hopes for 2021, by late 2020, much of that optimism had faded. The delayed and unorganized vaccine rollouts and new virus variants add uncertainty to the sector, making it a challenge to plan ahead.

However, in a recent PULSE survey from Northstar Meetings Group, 73% of respondents believe the COVID-19 vaccine rollout “will lead to a quicker economic recovery” for the event industry. However, there’s no rush to plan new events, as “new bookings remain at low levels.”

As professional conference organizers look ahead, most don’t expect to resume activities until July or later. 29.33% plan to hold their next event in the first or second quarter, whereas 56.35% will wait until the third or fourth quarter. Moreover, 14.32% don’t plan on booking a new event until 2022 or later.

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How to Plan for Summer Events

Although it’s difficult to prepare for ongoing changes, you don’t want to be left in a position where you need new toilets or handwashing stations quickly. While manufacturing is catching up with demand, a sudden rush in orders can result in longer lead times.

Most notably, professionals expect sanitizer and handwashing stations to remain in-demand throughout the 2021 season, with event organizers opting for higher numbers of units than in pre-pandemic seasons.

Stay on track by taking inventory of your portable restrooms, supplies, and other equipment now. Identify any areas where you may need to purchase new items to fulfill event orders. Then, do some research by:

  • Sending a friendly email to existing and past clients asking about upcoming events
  • Taking a survey of local professionals to gauge their intentions
  • Speaking with government officials about the number of event permits issued
  • Tracking online sentiment about events using social listening tools
  • Checking municipal, county, and state procurement pages

Plus, pay attention to COVID-19 positivity rates for your area. Numbers start increasing months before advanced mitigation efforts take place. As the weather improves, infection rates may fall, leaving event organizers with a window of opportunity to host events. But, if your area spikes, you can expect the numbers to increase exponentially within a month or two.

Special Events: A Slow But Eventual Return

Succeeding with special events can be a boon to your business. However, portable restroom operators are likely facing another year of uncertainty. Stay on the right path by prepping for peak season. But, also spend extra time speaking with and listening to event organizers, government officials, and your clients. In doing so, you can be ready to place an order and give yourself enough lead time to prepare.

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