What to Do if One of Your Units Has Been Damaged
INFOGRAPHIC: What to Do If One of Your Units is Damaged
August 1, 2017

Portable toilets have a reputation for being smelly. If your portable restroom rental company does a good job of mitigating smells, it will make a better impression on users. This will increase your chances of getting repeat business. In addition, the boost in your reputation will make it easier for you to grow your business. Here are some ways you can mitigate smells in your porta-potties.

How to Mitigate Smells

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How to Mitigate Smells

  • Use “Blue” deodorizer in the tanks, which can come in packs, pucks, tabs, or liquid form. If your customers still complain about the smell, use more “Blue” or service the unit more. Remember to charge accordingly for either option.
  • If the waste is mounding above the water line by the time you return to pump the unit, deodorizer will not be effective. Try adding a few extra gallons of water for a week or two. 7 gallons is often a magic number.
  • Treat the walls of units with fragrance sprays.
  • Hang fragrance discs from the toilet paper dispenser rod, on the vent screens, or place them in the corners of units.
  • Utilize urinal blocks or screens.
  • Service units regularly — at least once a week — or sell the customer on increasing the amount of services. Thoroughly pumping units often alleviates most issues. Make sure to clean under the rim of the toilet seat area and in the corners of the waste tank.
  • If the unit is a recirculating flush unit, clear the hose while pumping the unit (give it a few flushes. Otherwise, the waste water from the last week will be used for the first few flushes

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