How to Mitigate Smells
INFOGRAPHIC: How to Mitigate Smells
August 1, 2017
Restroom Units and Supplies Needed for Your Service Business
Restroom Units and Supplies Needed for Your Service Business
August 1, 2017

Until you go through the situation a few times, you might be a little unsure of what to do if you or an employee discovers that one of your portable restroom units has been damaged at a construction site or event. It’s important to handle the situation in a way that creates as little friction as possible between your company and the customer. Here are some suggested steps to resolve the situation.

What to Do if One of Your Units Has Been Damaged

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What to Do if You Discover That One of Your Units Has Been Damaged

Step 1: Inform the company owner (unless that’s you) that a unit has been damaged. Provide details of the extent of the damage, the location of the unit and who the customer is

Step 2: Document the damage by taking photos or writing down specific notes. Include the unit number if applicable

Step 3: Contact the job foreman or event organizer and inform them of the situation

Step 4: Do not fix the damage or move the unit until the customer acknowledges the damage

Step 5: Once the customer acknowledges the damage, promptly repair the unit if possible or replace it with a different one

Step 6: When billing, charge the applicable fee for the damages

Step 7: If the customer’s accounting department questions the charges, inform them that someone from their company confirmed and acknowledged the damage

* Damage can be handled differently depending on whether or not a damage waiver was in place and what the details of the waiver are

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