History of the Porta-Potty
History of the Porta-Potty
February 11, 2019
Starting a New Business Checklist
INFOGRAPHIC: Starting a New Business Checklist
February 18, 2019
How to Maximize Tradeshow Attendance

In an increasingly automated and digital world, tradeshows offer a way to personalize your portable restroom customer experience with hands-on networking. However, tradeshow preparation remains crucial to success. Once you’ve determined which national or local events your company will attend, focus on a targeted campaign to attract new, existing and previous customers to your exhibit. PROs who maximize tradeshow attendance reap the reward of lasting business connections.

Create a Marketing Campaign

Improve attendance to your tradeshow booth by creating a buzz around the event. Portable restroom operators should begin marketing months in advance using a variety of mediums to get their message out.

Trade and news publications. Research your national and local trade magazines, and invest in publications that your target audience reads. For example, local newspapers with features on bridal shows help you reach customers organizing outdoor events, while trade publications related to the construction industry attract firms who need portable sanitation services.

Printed postcards and flyers. Use traditional flyers to reach current and new customers in your area. PROs often give a flyer to their regular customers and invite others to share them with friends. Send a friendly postcard reminder to your mailing list and encourage recipients to bring the postcard for a special giveaway.

Email marketing. Don’t spam your current and former clients with mass emails. Instead, share valuable information about attending the tradeshow or more details on your promotion. Personalize each message with the recipient’s name and include information on how to find your booth.

Social Media. Use your social platforms to showcase the event and build excitement. Post snippets of videos and photos of giveaway items. Make your social promotions fun and interactive by including lighthearted content that humanizes your company.

Highlight Promotions and Giveaways

Portable restroom operators should use a variety of promotions and giveaways to boost attendance to their tradeshow booth. Don’t undercut your prices or spend money on freebies that don’t add value to your potential customers. Keep it simple, and promote it widely.

Promotions. PROs find that an attendee-only promotion on a limited timeframe works best for tradeshows. Time-sensitive advertisements encourage attendees to take advantage of personalized offers and allows you to gather customer data for future sales.
Giveaways. Everyone loves a freebie. Standout items include bags or handy tools like mini flashlights. Remember that you’ll need to haul the pieces into the show, and bulky swag makes transport difficult.

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Boost Tradeshow Attendance with Simple and Effective Tactics

You invest money to addend tradeshows, so it’s critical to take the time to develop a marketing campaign. Remember, the best strategy is one you can follow through on.

  • Choose a few key areas for promotion.
  • Try adding a line on your invoices with the date and location of the show.
  • Market your attendance any place it seems like a natural fit.

Portable restroom operators who use their marketing media effectively avoid a lackluster turnout. By building awareness months before the tradeshow, you’ll increase interest and hype around your portable restroom business and maximize your tradeshow attendance rate.

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