Tips to Help You Avoid Costly Lawsuits
Tips to Help You Avoid Costly Lawsuits
July 30, 2018
Top Ways to Market Your Business
INFOGRAPHIC: Top Ways to Market Your Business
August 6, 2018
Diversifying Your Business Things to Consider

As the demand for portable restrooms keeps increasing with the events industry growing around the country so too does the need for other associated facilities.

In order to stand out from the crowd in a competitive industry, it’s important to consider diversifying your business. The company that offers customers more of what they need in one place will succeed over the one that offers limited services.

Here are some of the ways you can diversify to attract more clients:

Portable Restroom Operators

If you’re a portable restroom operator who’s looking to expand their range of services, there are many additional facilities you can add to your portfolio. Impress potential clients and upsell events by offering not only portable restroom units but other handy features.

  • Temporary fencing — One of the most sought-after additional features for an event is temporary fencing and barricades. Instead of leaving potential clients to source these elsewhere, why not offer them as part of your services? Investing in fencing and barricades makes it much more likely you’ll be hired.
  • Trailer units — If you’ve been relying on single units until now, consider investing in some trailer units. As these are ever-more popular with upscale events like weddings and business conferences, you’ll be diversifying the type of events you can handle. Trailer units can also be modified to suit each event, with decorative and functional options abounding, so you’ll be able to offer your client a tailored service.
  • Other services — Some portable restroom operators have expanded to offer generators, storage containers, portable offices, and more great services. It all depends on the demand in your area and the equipment you are willing to invest in.

Other Companies Entering the Portable Restroom Industry

If you’re a small business owner with an eye on breaking into the portable restroom market, there’s no time like the present. As the industry booms, the main thing for you to consider is startup cost. Some businesses are more equipped than others to enter the portable restroom industry. In fact, you may be readier to get going than you think.

  • The septic industry — This is a popular crossover industry, as septic companies already have a lot of the equipment needed. Septic tanks and trucks can be used for cleaning and maintenance of units, while your staff will already be knowledgeable in waste management. A little bit of training may be required, but other than that you just need to invest in some units and supplies. The low startup costs make diversifying into the portable restroom industry attractive.
  • Equipment rental companies — If you’re operating in this industry, you’ll have staff with a strong knowledge of construction companies, sites, and operations. You’ll also likely have flatbed trucks and other equipment that is useful for transporting portable restroom units. If you’re renting equipment to a customer, why not add portable restrooms to your services and expand your range?

Whether you’re already a portable restroom operator or looking to include these services in your repertoire, the time is right to think about diversifying your business. Customers want a company that can handle many, if not all, of the services they need. Broaden your scope today, and you’ll be rewarded long into the future!

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