How to Remove Graffiti from Portable Toilets
INFOGRAPHIC: How to Remove Graffiti from Portable Toilets
August 4, 2017
CDL Licensing Information
CDL Licensing Information
August 5, 2017
Creating and Maintaining a Brand

Creating and maintaining a brand for your business can be one of the most important and valuable aspects of your business. Your brand is created and maintained in order to stand out among other businesses in the field and separate your brand from the competition. In the early stages of brand development, you might ask yourself what a brand is and why it is so important to maintain. A brand radiates from the logo printed on your product to the uniforms your employees wear.

A brand is an all-encompassing aspect of your business that facilitates the goals, services, mission statement(s), look, design, marketing, advertising and so much more. Any aspect of your company that stands out in a unique way from the competition directly relates to your brand in four main components: consistency, creating distinct qualities, strength of the brand and employee/community involvement within the brand. Let’s take a look inside what it takes to create and maintain a brand, specifically as it pertains to a business in the portable restroom rental niche.


Ask yourself, what is the mission statement of my company? What do I want to portray to my customers from the logo to services offered? How can my brand consistently cater to targeted clientele without compromising underlying goals and values? Consistency starts with answering these questions and understanding the core values you wish to portray within your brand.

The next aspect you’ll cover is visual stimulation for your brand. If you want a logo with the company name, think about placement on the portable restroom rental individually. Communicate to the client and user that there is a consistent color scheme, logo, slogan, etc. so it is easily recognizable from business cards to employee T-shirts, fleets, portable restrooms and press releases. Choose colors, images and words that represent what your company is all about.  The more consistent your visual presence is, the more your target audience will recognize your brand.

Creating Distinct Qualities

Creating distinct qualities within your brand includes the aspects and assets of your business that differentiate it from the rest of the industry. From the way your customer service representatives greet a new customer over the phone to the mission statement itself, your unique message should be distinct, direct and specific to your company.

Understanding the competition is important here. What do other companies do routinely that you can enhance in your business? Focus on how you can create a new, different and better environment for your employees, investors and clients to make their experience distinctly different than other interactions they’ve had with other portable restroom rental companies. As the industry changes, make sure you are staying up to date without compromising the distinct qualities that make your business different than the rest. By evolving with changing times, you are providing brand maintenance through the years without compromising core values and distinct qualities that make your company true to its core.

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Brand Strength

How strong is your brand? If a fleet is carrying portable restrooms on the back of a flatbed truck, will drivers recognize the color scheme or logo right away? If you air a commercial, will the jingle get stuck in the heads of the listeners? At a busy concert venue or community event, will concert-goers and event participants be able to point out an employee if they need assistance? Brand strength ensures that the answer to these questions is yes, every time.

If your mission statement states that you create a clean, enjoyable restroom experience for events, concerts and parties, be true to that statement. Keep the portable restrooms clean, tidy and fresh. One repeat negative customer experience could cost your company future business. Stay strong and true to your mission!

Employee and Community Involvement

Getting your brand out to the public requires a wide range of involvement from the employees to the community whether locally or internationally. Your brand creation and maintenance should be an open process that employees understand and the community recognizes. The more your logo, slogan and service are rolled out to the public, the more awareness will take place. If your portable restroom rental company is just starting out, accept offers to rent to small, niche-specific events like a food truck festival or small concert. Eventually, with a clear brand, top-notch service and community awareness you can build your business to sold out stadiums, sporting events and more.


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