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How to Recover Your Costs for Damaged Units and Equipment
June 10, 2019
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June 24, 2019
Choosing the Right Business Model for You

Knowing which business model will work best for your portable restroom business is tricky. However, making a suitable choice ensures that you’ll be able to provide excellent customer service while also establishing a reliable revenue stream.

Start by using market and industry data to determine what types of services your potential clients value. Then, balance that information by deciding what you’re willing to take on now and in the future. Lastly, make an informed decision about the various business models, from specialization to serve-all, and choose the one that works best for you.

Review Your Research

Before deciding on a business model, you need data. Turn to your business plan for insights on your current and future market and competition. Then, think about who your ideal customers are and what makes you stand out in the marketplace. This information helps you compare the different business models and discover which direction fits your current needs.

Market potential and competition. Look at not only what your competitors are doing but also the size of the market and seasonal sales numbers. Can you earn enough by specializing in one area of portable sanitation or does diversification make more sense?

Ideal customers. Consider what type of customers you want to attract. Certain types of clients may require various products, and a one-stop shop, whereas others need only the basics.

Unique selling point. When you wrote your business plan, you thought about what makes you different from your competitors. When choosing a business model, stick with one that provides the best overall value.

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Consider Business and Customer Needs

Your customers keep you in business and provide you with revenue. While it’s crucial to only take on what you can handle, it’s equally important to consider the needs of your customers. When choosing a business model, take a closer look at these three key areas.

1. Customers. The bottom line is that you need to provide the service and products that make the customer experience better. Dig deep into what your ideal customer wants and determine which business model best provides that value for them. If possible, survey existing clients to find out how you could diversify to suit their needs better.

2. Types of income streams. A well-rounded business model considers how a portable restroom company handles slow times. For many PROs, shifting into rental equipment or septic clean-outs is a smooth transition. Make a list of various ways that your company could increase its income throughout the year.

3. Company. From financials to employment, it’s crucial to consider how various business models affect your portable restroom business. For some, diversification may spread your existing staff too thin. Plus, additional inventory and oversight may require new software solutions and data tracking. It’s vital to understand how different business models affect your day-to-day operations.

Pick the Right Business Model for You

By taking into account the needs of both your company and your customers using industry and market data, you’ll set your portable restroom business up for success. Look toward future growth by starting with what you can handle and afford. Then, determine a clear path to increasing revenue by selling in-demand products and services.

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